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Akebi's Sailor Uniform Episode 3 - Which Club to Choose?

Akebi’s Sailor Uniform episode 3 delves into Akebi’s struggle as she tried to decide which club to join. With the deadline looming and with so many clubs she wants to apply for, the decision she faces is a tricky one. Let’s talk about Akebi’s adventures in school in a spoiler-filled discussion!

Akebi’s many talents

Akebi’s Sailor Uniform episode 3 reveals that Akebi is very skilled in a variety of activities. The episode opens with her proving her athletic prowess, sprinting barefoot across the track in unorthodox fashion to get the fastest time in her class. This leads to a couple of older students begging her to join their clubs.

Later on, she’s seen capturing the awe of her classmates as she dances to her favorite idol’s new song. And toward the end of the episode, she’s seen reading a book to Tomono so well that she falls asleep to the sound of her. In short, Akebi really shines in this episode from a competence standpoint. There’s no doubt after this episode that she’s one talented individual.

Akebi proves that she’s the fastest in the class!

One might argue that writing Akebi’s character in this way could be potentially harmful to the story. The term Mary Sue, after all, exists to discourage writers from writing characters in this manner. However, this talented aspect of Akebi’s life seems to just be one side of her that viewers get to see. This, coupled with the fact that it’s very early on in the season, means that there are going to be far more opportunities for the show to explore her weaknesses.

For now, though, it’s great to get to see Akebi shine. She’s a wholesome bundle of joy that is so heartwarming to watch.

Poorly veiled fetishes

The airing of Akebi’s Sailor Uniform episode 3 perhaps signals the time to discuss something that has been prevalent even in prior episodes. Someone involved in the show appears to be really into certain things and isn’t afraid to show it. Perhaps the biggest example of this has been the many many shots of feet throughout this series so far. We’re three episodes in, and we’re seeing Dan Schneider levels of foot enthusiasm here. It’s clear a lot of care and passion is put into these shots too, with the animation being excellent here and following the manga’s art direction.

This, coupled with the introduction of one of Akebi’s classmates taking risqué photos of herself in this episode, would not be an issue on its own. However, the knowledge that these girls are minors raises a few alarm bells when watching the show. There’s something that feels quite wrong about it all. That the writers are letting their unique “interests” shine through in this show about young high school girls finding their way through school definitely feels strange to see on an episodic basis.

Let’s not forget, these are minors in high school…

Look, it might not be an issue for some people. It just feels like it’s worth mentioning, given how unabashed the show has been so far in showing off their admittedly impeccable animation of teenage girls’s feet. It’s just so odd to see in a show with such a wholesome premise.

Getting to know each other

Akebi’s Sailor Uniform episode 3 also allows Akebi and the viewers to get to know two girls from the class. The first of these girls is Kei Tanigawa. She’s the class president, who tends to come across as someone who takes things far too seriously. However, somewhere in there lies a girl who would want to be more like Akebi. She sees the outgoing Akebi put herself out there, and laments to herself that she couldn’t really be like her. She gets to know Akebi more and despite a slight mishap, the two grow close. Tanigawa also ends up getting to join the photography club after discovering that she may have a knack for it.

The second girl the episode sheds some light on is Kujou Tomono. She was introduced in the previous episode, but here we get to see a bit more of her. She helps Akebi look through the various clubs the school has, and viewers get some insight into her passion for literature. Tomono and Akebi also share a tender moment with one another. While waiting for the rain to die down, Akebi reads to Tomono, resulting in her falling asleep on Akebi’s lap. It’s a heartwarming moment that strengthens the bond between the two and establishes just how likable Akebi is.

If the show continues this trend of introducing interesting and unique girls bit by bit, this first season will be very strong. The strength of a large cast lies in the variety that comes from the combination of all its members. So if Akebi’s Sailor Uniform continues to build on that, there’s no doubt that this show will go far.

You can watch Akebi’s Sailor Uniform on Funimation and Crunchyroll. Episode 4 will air on January 30th, 2022.
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