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Attack on Titan Anime Officially Ends

Attack on Titan anime has officially ended a little over 10 years since its initial premiere in April of 2013. The final installment aired earlier in Japan as an 85-minute special and it will be streamed on Crunchyroll later as Attack on Titan The Final Season: The Final Chapters Part 2. Over the years, the anime has gathered enormous fanbase and has become one of the best known anime titles of today.

Attack on Titan is based on a manga series by Hajime Isayama, serialized in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine from 2009 to 2021. The manga ended in April of 2021 after 139 chapters, compiled into 34 volumes. The final, 34th volume came out in June 2021. The manga received an anime adaptation by WIT Studio in 2013. Season 2 came in 2017, followed by the third season which was split into two cours. The first cour aired in the summer of 2018, while the second one started in April of 2019. Studio MAPPA took over the franchise for the 4th season, which was titled Attack on Titan Final Season. It started airing in December of 2020 and had a total of 16 episodes. After it finished airing in March of 2021, Part 2 was announced. Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 started in January of last year and was followed by a 60-minute Attack on Titan The Final Season: The Final Chapters special in March of this year.

In addition to the main TV anime and its recap movies and the Attack on Titan: Junior High chibi spin off, the franchise also has 8 original episodes. They are:

The main story from the manga has been adapted, but there is a new side-story coming next year, titled Bad Boy. This 18-page manga will focus on Levi’s childhood and might serve as material for another anime adaptation.

Studio MAPPA, which worked on the long final season, issued a statement saying “We’ve kept you waiting for a long time. It’s been very long and difficult four years but we are glad we were able to bring Attack on Titan anime to an end. We hope this work will continue to be loved in the future.” The final episode of Attack on Titan featured some slightly different scenes, drawn by Hajime Isayama himself, and those will be included in the upcoming art book, which is slated for April 2024.

©Hajime Isayama, Kodansha/ATTACK ON TITAN Production Committee

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