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Banished From Hero's Party Episode 1: Red's New Life

Episode 1 of the much-awaited Banished From Hero’s Party anime has finally aired! My hype for this anime is a real deal. I want to start this article by telling you that watching this anime is very refreshing.

Warning: This Section Might Contain Spoilers

The first reason for that is the opening song of the anime titled “Ikiwosuu Koko de suu Ikiteku” sung by Yui Nishio. Thaks to that song I was really relaxed. The melody and rhythm suit my taste. It’s feels like having a slow peaceful life without having to think about my life problems.

You can watch the anime’s trailer that features the opening song below:

Banished From Hero’s Party trailer

What are your thoughts on the song?


Of course, the next reason for the show being refreshing is the protagonist of the series. His name is Red, and he is the one who is currently enjoying a slow life in the countryside. He has a simple wish, and that is to have his own apothecary. Just watching his daily routine and him having a simple dream makes me forget my worries in the meantime. I’m honestly jealous of his way of living because it seems that he doesn’t have any problems. However, I know that every human has his/her own ups and downs and I think it’s better to approach life the way Red does it.


Slow Life of Red

From the title of the anime itself, we can already tell that Red was formerly a part of the hero’s party. In this episode, the reason for him leaving the party and starting a new life in the countryside was described. When he is alone, the events of the past keep bugging him. Fortunately, he has the resolve to look at the bright side. For him, living in the countryside while having a dream of building an apothecary is the best. He is well-loved in his place, and the people are always relying on him, especially when it comes to getting herbs to treat complicated diseases. The adventurers are very friendly. Even the location suits his taste because the forest is near, and he can gather herbs there.

Then, due to various circumstances, he finally achieved his goal. For him, it’s just the start of his new slow life.

Celebration for the accomplishment of Red’s dream

It’s refreshing to see people achieving their dreams. I wonder how will the story develop in the future. Is it going to revolve around Red’s daily life? Or are there some other things that he will need to deal with?


The other main character of the series was also introduced in this episode. Her name is Rit, and she is also a member of the adventurer’s guild. She is a good-looking woman with long blonde hair. Apparently, the receptionist at the adventurer’s guild told her about the existence of Red, and she seems quite interested in him after hearing the stories.


Well, Rit is actually one of the main reasons why I’m watching the series because she is so cute. Of course, I’m also looking forward to the development of the series’ story. Still, I wonder why Rit suddenly became interested in Red. What might she be thinking?

Well, I hope that we will be able to find the answer in the next episode, which will air on October 13, 2021. You can watch the show on Funimation.

Lastly, if you also feel refreshed after watching episode 1 of Banished From Hero’s Party, you can vote for the anime on our weekly poll.


A heroic and mighty adventurer dreams of…opening a pharmacy?
Red was once a member of the Hero’s party, a powerful group destined to save the world from the evil forces of Taraxon, the Raging Demon Lord. That is, until one of his comrades kicked him out. Hoping to live the easy life on the frontier, Red’s new goal is to open an apothecary. However, keeping the secret of his former life may not be as simple as he thinks. Especially when the beautiful Rit, an adventurer from his past, shows up and asks to move in with him!

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