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Banished From Hero's Party Episode 12: Demise of the Hero's Party

The slow life of Rit and Red suddenly turned into chaos in episode 12 of Banished From Hero’s Party, after the hero’s party turned their blades on each other. An all-out battle happened in the elven ruins near Zoltan and Shisandan managed to corrupt their bonds.

Warning: This Section Might Contain Spoilers.

In my previous episode feature, I said that there was a bigger reason behind Ares’ actions. And thankfully, episode 12 of Banished From Hero’s Party has shown it to us. Most people may think that Ares is simply an evil character. However, all of his actions were only dictated by his blessings. Being the greatest sage in the world, his blessings makes him think that he must be the one to support the hero, Ruti in her mission to defeat the demon lord. The episode clearly conveyed this fact.

Ares thinking about Ruti

Ares’ Feelings

However, it failed to explain the reason why he needs to banish Gideon from the party. In the light novel, it was clearly explained that Ares was the first member to join the hero’s party after Ruti and Gideon formed it, meaning that he spent the most time adventuring with Ruti and Gideon. Because of that, he knew how formidable Gideon is and realized that he cannot become the best support because Gideon surpasses him in strategy planning, strength, critical thinking, and even the amount of trust the hero is giving him.

Danan’s Resolve

Danan also gets some screen time in this episode and shows off his newfound resolve and overwhelming strength by battling Shidandan. This part of the episode felt a bit rushed and left out some details from the light novel, for example, how Ares realized that the Danan he met was an impostor.

Danan’s defeat

Danan’s battle with Shisandan included some really nice battle scenes, an improvement over the previous episodes for sure. The fight was inspiring, and if you’re wondering why Danan didn’t care about Ares as much, it was because he didn’t expect Ares to betray him.

Theodora’s Decision

Theodora also made an appearance on the battlefield, and she quickly incapacitated Rit with her spells. In the light novel, it was explained that Theodora decided to help Ares and Shisandan, but it seems that she is conflicted with her decision. She wants Ruti back, but at the same time, she wants to save Danan, who is helping Red. However, the anime only shows us that she suddenly attacks Rit and Red.

Ruti slashing Theodora

In the anime, Red and Rit are on the brink of death, and Ruti tries to save them but Theodora gets in her way. Theodora is ready for this kind of punishment for turning her blade against the hero. Nevertheless, her faith in God is greater than anything, so she doesn’t regret what she did. Well, the anime didn’t show it clearly but Theodora’s role is to heal everyone in the hero’s party – meaning that she can heal herself. The question is that is she going to do it?

What Happened to Rit, Tisse and Red?

In episode 12 of Banished From Hero’s Party, Rit took a direct hit from Ares’ spell while protecting Red. Tisse is also down, but her small spider friend is alive, even though Ares stepped on it. The light novel explained that Mr. Crawly Wawly has acquired the warrior’s blessing, enabling him to enhance his physical durability, while also helping Gideon to defeat Ares.

Tisse and Mr. Crawly Wawly

Banished From Hero’s Party Episode 12 – Conclusion?

Well, it’s a given that Ruti will trust Gideon since they are siblings. But with Ares trying and failing to take on Gideon’s role, the hero party ends up suffering and Ares meets his demise, after being tricked by Shisandan. To be honest, Ares’ death in the light novel was more gruesome than what we have seen in this episode.

The episode ends with Red holding Tisse’s body, and Ruti emotionlessly staring at them. There are more things to come based on the light novel, and I wonder how are they going to insert all of it, with only one episode left. If you are curious about the climax of the series, the season finale will air on December 29, 2021, and you can watch it on Funimation.


A heroic and mighty adventurer dreams of…opening a pharmacy?
Red was once a member of the Hero’s party, a powerful group destined to save the world from the evil forces of Taraxon, the Raging Demon Lord. That is, until one of his comrades kicked him out. Hoping to live the easy life on the frontier, Red’s new goal is to open an apothecary. However, keeping the secret of his former life may not be as simple as he thinks. Especially when the beautiful Rit, an adventurer from his past, shows up and asks to move in with him!

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