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Best Opening and Ending Theme Songs of Anime Spring 2023 Season

Spring 2023 is over and for the first time ever, we at the Anime Corner, decided to hold a poll dedicated to the best opening and ending theme songs. Anisongs have become an essential part of many of our playlists so it is about time that we allow our followers to pick their favorites. And we definitely chose a great season to start with this category: we had so many amazing tracks and it was truly difficult to pick (percentages show just how close the votes were). So without any further ado, let’s take a look at what was chosen as the Best Opening/Ending Theme Song of the Spring 2023 anime season!

Best Opening Theme Song – Spring 2023 Anime Season

This was quite easy to predict: “Idol” by YOASOBI from Oshi no Ko took the title of the Best Opening Song with a whopping 21.54% of the votes. Song already topped the charts all over the world and to illustrate just how big that percentage is allow us to say that the second-ranked “Kizuna no Kiseki” by MAN WITH A MISSION x milet has “only” 7.81% of the votes and the third-ranked “’W●RK’ by millennium parade x Sheena Ringo” earned 7.16%. “PARADOX” by Survive Said The Prophet (Vinland Saga Season 2) and “innocent arrogance” by BiSH (Tengoku Daimakyo) complete the top five.

Check out the full list:

1st“Idol” by YOASOBI21.54%
2nd“Kizuna no Kiseki” by MAN WITH A MISSION x milet7.81%
3rd“W●RK” by millennium parade x Sheena Ringo7.16%
4th“PARADOX” by Survive Said The Prophet5.26%
5th“innocent arrogance” by BiSH4.44%
6th“Gradation” by KANA BOON ft. Yuho Kitazawa4.11%
7th“Shayou” by Yorushika3.88%
8th“Mellow” by Keina Suda3.37%
9th“Setsuna no Chikai” by NEKO HACKER ft. Tsukasa Yuzaki (Akari Kito)2.91%
10th“SHINDA!” by Masayoshi Oishi2.28%
11th“Wasuregataki” by Huwie Ishizaki2.13%
12th“Gyakutengeki” by Tsukuyomi2.1%
13th“Knock Out” by Taiiku Okazaki2.06%
14th“Nero” by Sou2.05%
15th“Dramatic ja Nakute mo” by Nagisa Kubo (Kana Hanazawa)2.04%
16th“slash” by yama, Jun Inagawa1.69%
17th“Survive” by MindaRyn1.69%
18th“Unmei Kyoudoutai!” by Neriame1.65%
19th“Stay Free” by Machico1.45%
20th“Itsu Aetara” by aiko1.38%
21st“Kien Romance” by Akari Nanawo1.31%
22nd“I Wish” by Rin Kurusu1.19%
23rd“Dear” by JUNNA1.16%
25th“Ai no Uta” by Chiai Fujikawa1.07%
26th“Cantabile” by Novelbright1%
27th“Tonariawase” by Chinatsu Matsumoto0.99%
28th“Karei One Turn” by TrySail0.76%
29th“Never Say Goodbye” by ALI ft. Mummy-D0.74%
30th“Real Diamond” by Gemstone70.74%
31st“Follow You” by TrySail0.73%
32nd“Alcor to Polaris” by Reina Kondo0.73%
33rd“GOLD” by PEOPLE 10.66%
34th“Never Say Never” by Takanori Nishikawa0.65%
35th“Saku no Nie” by BIN0.65%
36th“Preview” by Aya Uchida0.63%
37th“Quiet Explosion” by Mamoru Miyano0.63%
38th“Venus Line” by Kohmi Hirose0.6%
39th“Space Cat Big Bang” by Chogakusei0.6%
40th“Himitsu♡Melody” by Hime (Yui Ogura)0.58%
41st“Kimi to no Mirai” by Fina (Azumi Waki)0.47%
42nd“Continue Distortion” by S.S.NiRVERGE∀0.45%
43rd“Endless Labyrinth” by EverdreaM0.44%
44th“Shine In The Sky” by U1490.36%
45th“mirAI wave!” by PathTLive0.34%
46th“Megamorphose” by Smewthie0.3%
47th“Motive Rain” by Showtaro Morikubo0.13%

Best Ending Theme Song – Spring 2023 Anime Season

Oshi no Ko is an idol anime at its core, so of course we were expecting good theme songs. But, our expectations were surpassed, and “Mephisto” by QUEEN BEE won everyone over. The song won the title of the Best Ending Theme Song for Spring 2023 anime season with 16.27% of the votes. Uru’s “Kamihitoe” (Hell’s Paradise) ranked second while “Koi Kogare”‘” by MAN WITH A MISSION x milet from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – Swordsmith Village Arc was third. It’s interesting to note that Vinland Saga Season 2 and Tengoku Daimakyo also won fourth and fifth place in the ending theme category, just like they did for openings.

The full ranking includes:

1st“Mephisto” by QUEEN BEE16.27%
2nd“Kamihitoe” by Uru6.32%
3rd“Koi Kogare” by MAN WITH A MISSION x milet5.9%
4th“Ember” by haju:harmonics4.4%
5th“Dare mo Kare mo Doko mo Nani mo Shiranai” by ASOBI Doumei4.11%
6th“Under the Tree” by SiM3.76%
7th“Jump In” by Megumin (Rie Takahashi), Yunyun (Aki Toyosaki)3.15%
8th“Suu Sentimental” by Kohanaramu3.15%
9th“Choux Creme Funk” by Philosophy no Dance2.65%
10th“Always and Forever” by SERRA2.47%
11th“Where Do We Go?” by OKAMOTO”s2.23%
12th“Yoru no Katasumi” by Tsukasa Yuzaki (Akari Kito)2.22%
13th“Iolite” by Inori Minase2.21%
14th“Lapse” by Homecomings2.17%
15th“Hanauta to Mawarimichi” by Rikako Aida2.15%
16th“Red:birthmark” by AiNA THE END1.86%
17th“Trick Art” by Ryujin Kiyoshi1.86%
18th“Kasuka de Tashika” by DIALOGUE+1.85%
19th“Fireworks” by MindaRyn1.79%
20th“Hertz” by Homecomings1.69%
21st“Atemonaku” by Aimer1.65%
22nd“Near Stella” by Shiori Goshiki (Yui Wakui)1.61%
23rd“Hachimitsu” by Shikao Suga1.55%
24th“Steppin` Up Life!” by Mitama (Akari Kito)1.39%
25th“Dramatic” by Miki Sato1.34%
26th“Mubansou” by edda1.2%
27th“Dancing Lights” by Cody Lee1.13%
28th“Kokorone” by Kitri1.11%
29th“Mukyuu Platonic” by VALIS1.05%
30th“Kawaikutte Ijiwaru Shichau” by Yurika Kubo0.98%
31st“Yuusari no Canon” by soshina ft. Yuika0.97%
32nd“Only” by Garnidelia0.91%
33rd“Zutto” by Yuna (Maki Kawase)0.89%
34th“Gospelion in a Classic Love” by The 13th tailor0.89%
35th“Salt & Sugar” by Yuma Uchida0.87%
36th“Decided” by Dizzy Sunfist0.83%
37th“Rinne” by ASCA0.77%
38th“Yume ga Samete mo” by Hime (Yui Ogura), Mitsuki (Sumire Uesaka)0.77%
39th“Isekai Jewelry” by Various Artists0.74%
40th“Subete ga Soko ni Arimasu You ni” by The Spellbound0.63%
41st“Kimi ga Irukara” by Sarasa Kadowaki0.57%
42nd“Nyanbori de Moffy!!” by DIALOGUE+0.54%
43rd“Love Will Find a Way” by The Rampage from Exile Tribe0.53%
44th“Yosuga” by #kzn0.43%
45th“Be ambitious!!!” by Maybe Me0.42%
46th“ACE” by Makoto Koichi0.41%
47th“Nanairo no Enogu de” by 7land0.41%
48th“Ai no Sanka” by Haruka Terui0.4%
49th“Can-do Dreamer” by Smewthie0.4%
50th“Akogare Stitch” by Asaki Imai0.39%
51st“Good day Good night” by U1490.32%
52nd“Himawari Mark wo Sagase!” by Natsumi Haruse0.3%
53rd“Onegai! Cinderella” by Amina Sato, Yuki Yonai/Yuri Komori0.29%
54th“Minna no Kimochi” by Misaki Kuno0.29%
55th“Romantic Now” by Tomoyo Kurosawa0.29%
56th“GEMSTONE” by Hana Tamegai0.27%
57th“Shuuen no Destiny” by Mai Fuchigami0.23%

Featured image: Single release covers for
haju:harmonics “Ember”; Masayoshi Oishi “Shinda!”; YOASOBI “Idol”; QUEEN BEE “Mephisto”; Kamihitoe “Uru”

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