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Black Clover Episode 170: Asta is Ready to Grow Stronger

The Black Clover anime has officially ended with episode 170, and we got to learn some interesting things the final episode. For start, Liebe was also born without magic like Asta, and he got treated terribly for it by the other devils. Being bullied to the point where he was ready to die, he got thrown at the gate to the human world and passed through due to having no magic. Quickly getting hunted, he was ready to give up, but Licita found him.

It was already pretty obvious Licita was related to Asta, but this episode officially confirmed it. Her magic takes away others’ magic and life, so she left him at the church to protect him. She named Liebe and, since her magic didn’t affect him, she started treating him like her son and they started living together. It was all fun and games until Lucifero tried to take over Liebe’s body to manifest himself into the human world. Doing everything she could to save him, Licita lost her life protecting him, and she then sealed him into the 5-leaf grimoire, where he swore he’d kill all the other devils and remained until the grimoire chose Asta.

Back in the present, we now knew Liebe’s motivation, and it felt like he deserved a chance from Asta. And a chance he got, as Asta didn’t want to make him a slave after winning the fight. Using all his learned skills, we saw some really cool characters make their appearances. Still, the final one with Yami hit different. In the end, he made a contract on equal terms in a Devil-Befriending Contract. Liebe also realized he was Licita’s son near the end, and Nacht is ready to train them. We also saw the other Black Bulls ready to train hard, and it will be interesting to see how much stronger they can get. Not to forget Yuno, who will be training with Langris!

The anime started back in October 2017 and ended on March 30, 2021. Following the release of episode 170, it means that the Black Clover TV anime has officially ended! A movie has been announced, though more details will come at a later date.

In case you aren’t watching it, maybe check it out after reading the synopsis:

Asta is a young boy who dreams of becoming the greatest mage in the kingdom. Only one problem – he can’t use any magic! Luckily for Asta, he receives the incredibly rare five-leaf clover grimoire that gives him the power of anti-magic. Can someone who can’t use magic really become the Wizard King? One thing’s for sure – Asta will never give up!

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