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Black Clover Gets New Visual For The Spade Arc

We already got to see Dante, and the Spade Kingdom is fully coming into play in the next arc of Black Clover. Asta and the other chosen wizards are currently training with the Spirit Guardians, and they will have to seriously power up to face the devils. According to the Black Clover wiki, the next episode titles are 160: “The Messenger from the Spade kingdom” and 161: “Zeno’s Power”. The next arc will start on January 5, and a new key visual is also available:

Rikiya Koyama will give his voice to Dante.

In addition, Tatsuhisa Suzuki will voice Zenon and Yui Ogura will voice Vanica.

The artists for new opening and endings songs were also revealed. The boy band group Snow Man are performing the next opening theme song titled “Grandeur”. You can check that out below:

Korean group Treasure are performing the ending theme song titled “BEAUTIFUL.” These will also be the 13th songs for the franchise, and they’ll debut on January 5 as well.

Black Clover is only going to get better with the Spade Kingdom arc! Don’t forget the epic animation from episode 151. The story is just getting to an amazing part, and it might get some fans back into it.

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