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BLEACH Manga Author Draws Evil-Looking Unohana for BLEACH: TYBW Episode 10

The official Twitter account of BLEACH manga author Tite Kubo posted an illustration of Yachiru/Retsu Unohana after the broadcast of BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War anime’s 10th episode “The Battle. Studio Pierrot is animating the adaptation and it’s airing every Monday in Japan (international stream on Disney+ and Hulu).

The visual post, which came without a caption, shows evil-looking Yachiru/Retsu Unohana. Aya Hisakawa voiced the character in the Bleach anime adaptation.

BLEACH Manga author Tite Kubo drew Yachiru/Retsu Unohana

The anime’s official Twitter account also posted a special wallpaper which depicts the character and Kenpachi Zaraki from behind with her line that battles are everything, and there’s nothing else she can’t slash but the man. A part of the caption is also a quote from her, saying goodbye to him, the only person in the world who pleased her.

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Studio Pierrot is animating the adaptation of Tite Kubo’s BLEACH manga, which was serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine from August 2001 to August 2016 with a total of 74 volumes. The studio also worked on the original TV anime adaptation aired between October 2004 and March 2012, which has a total of 366 episodes. BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War is currently airing this season with a total of four cours. The new anime is covering the manga’s chapters from the 480th to 686th (volumes 55 to 74). The cast members of the main characters such as Masakazu Morita and Yuki Matsuoka are reprising their roles as Ichigo and Orihime from the original anime.

VIZ Media licensed the manga series for English releases and released the final, 74th compiled volume on October 2, 2018. The official website describes the plot of volume 55, which compiles the first chapter of the Thousand-Year Blood War arc as:
The peace is suddenly broken when warning sirens blare through the Soul Society. Residents there are disappearing without a trace and nobody knows who’s behind it, meanwhile, a dark shadow is also extending itself toward Ichigo and his friends in Karakura Town…

Source: Official Twitter (Author), Official Twitter (Anime)

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