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Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki New Anime Project Announced

Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki anime is getting a new anime project and it appears to be a sequel to the show’s season 1, which aired in the Winter 2021 anime season. The announcement trailer features a “Continue” screen:

Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki new anime project promotional video

A special illustration commemorating the announcement was also revealed:

Special illustration for Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki new anime project announcement

Yuuki Yaku, the author of the series also commented on the announcement:

Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki” will receive a new anime project! One year has passed since the broadcast. Now we can deliver a sequel to the story in the visual format again. We can see them move and talk again, we couldn’t be happier, don’t you agree? There are a lot of things I can’t reveal now, but I bet we can deliver what you want to see coming, so I hope you wait and look forward to it.

Official Twitter, translated by Bushido Samurai

Season 1 of Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki had a total of 12 episodes. Two OVAs also aired in May and June 2021. Shinsuke Yanagi (High School Prodigies) directed the first season, while Project No.9 (Higehiro) animated it. You can watch the series on Funimation. There is still no information about the staff of the sequel.

Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki is a Japanese light novel series by Yūki Yaku. Shogakukan has been serializing it since May 2016, and it currently has 9 volumes in circulation. Square Enix also published a manga adaptation from December 2017 to February 2021, and it had a total of 6 volumes available.

Yen Press is also publishing Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki in English:

Tomozaki is one of the best gamers in Japan, and in his opinion, the game of real life is one of the worst. No clear-cut rules for success, horribly balanced, and nothing makes sense. But then he meets a gamer who’s just as good as him, and she offers to teach him a few exploits…

Yen Press

Source: Official Twitter

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