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Hololive VTubers Dominate Top 10 List of Most Super Chats Received

VTuber talents from Hololive have dominated 2021’s list of content creators on YouTube that have received the most superchats, according to the latest statistics from YouTube ranking aggregator Playboard.

Uruha Rushia, a third-generation Hololive JP member, ranked first in the list, earning a total of US$1.67 million through superchats. She is followed by Kiryu Coco, who graduated on July 1, 2021. Despite being no longer active, Coco still earned US$1.48 million through superchats.

The Top 5 Most-Super Chatted YouTube content creators – via Playboard

Completing the top five list are Hololive VTubers Yukihana Lamy (US$992,000), Usada Pekora (US$908,000), and Amane Kanata (US$901,000). Other VTubers that also ranked include Marine Houshou (6th place, US$881,000), Mori Calliope (7th, US$854,000), Momosuzu Nene (8th, US$740,000), and Takanashi Kiara (9th, US$721,000).

Ranks 6-10 of most-super chatted YouTube content creators – via Playboard

The aggregated data from Playboard are based on the site’s collected data from January 1, 2021 to January 1, 2022.

The rise of the Virtual YouTuber genre continues up until this day, evident by existing data from the past years. According to YouTube’s 2020 Culture & Trends Report, VTuber views grew on the platform up to 1.5 billion views by the end of October 2020. In addition, UserLocal noted that in 2021, there are around 16,000 VTubers in existence.

Source: Playboard Ranking
Banner Image: (from left to right) Uruha Rushia, Kiryu Coco, Yukihana Lamy
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