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Boulder In Japan Goes Viral Thanks To Demon Slayer

It’s pretty clear that “Demon Slayer: Infinity Train” has been a massive success. Anything that’s related to the franchise is selling like crazy, and the manga will have over 120 million copies in circulation when its final volume ships. With that much hype going for it, it seems Mother Nature will also have some benefit. In the city of Suzaka, Nagano Prefecture, there is a cracked boulder at a forest, which resembles the one Tanjiro cut in the Demon Slayer anime. Naturally, fans want to pose in front of it for cool pictures, and one of the children photos:

You can also check out the scene from the anime to compare. It happens at the end of Episode 3:

According to The Mainichi: “The dragon’s split boulder, or “Ryu no wariishi” as the rock in Suzaka is called in Japanese, is 2 meters high and 3 meters wide. It is said that a thirsty dragon unintentionally broke the rock with its claw when it tried to drink the water that springs up from under the rock.”

They also say that the rainwater that has soaked into the rock gets frozen as it gets colder. So the cracks have expanded as time went by. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a swordsman who really cut it, but just a natural erosion. Still looks pretty cool though.

An official encourages people to visit the site. However, he also warns about the ongoing pandemic: “If you are interested, please come and visit, but be careful about the novel coronavirus.”

Besides the real life boulder, Demon Slayer fans also have a real life Infinity Train to visit in Japan. I bet many of us can’t wait to be able to travel again and visit! Hopefully soon!

Source: The Mainichi
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