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TOMORROW X TOGETHER To Perform The Opening Song For World Trigger Season 2

The official Twitter for the World Trigger franchise announced that Korean boy group TOMORROW x TOGETHER will perform the opening song for season 2. The title is “Force”, and it will be the band’s second anime song after Black Clover’s “Everlasting Shine”.

The ending song was also announced. It’s titled “Mirai Eigou” literally meaning “Future Eternity”, by the rock band “Kami wa Saikoro wo Furanai”.

The anime premieres on January 9th. Both bands left comments (translated by Bushido Samurai):

“This opening song, written by Motoki Omori-san of Mrs. GREEN APPLE for us, is a song that gives you courage to join forces with your friends and jump towards tomorrow. It’s a song that perfectly fits the concept of “World Trigger” and us, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, so we hope you look forward to it.”

Shusaku Yanagita (vocalist from Kami wa Saikoro wo Furanai):
“You may have a strong image of a sci-fi action work of brain warfare, but to me, the human-like depiction of Osamu, Yuma, and Chika and their bonds are the essence of World Trigger. It feels I was able to put into the music all the nostalgia that sprung up after overlapping the essence with my youth. I’d like you to love this song along with the anime.”

I’m sure World Trigger will have great theme songs for it’s second season. You can also listen to the song TOMORROW X TOGETHER sang for Black Clover below:

I can’t wait for January, and Re:Zero and Nanatsu no Taizai also announced cool songs!

Source: Official Twitter, Crunchyroll Collection

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