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Cool Cosplays We Saw at the Philippines' 2022 Anime Convention Scene

2022 was a special year in the Philippines because many anime conventions made a comeback and a lot of people were finally able to physically attend and even cosplay again. We at Anime Corner had the pleasure of joining in on the fun– from Cosplay Carnival in May, to Anime and Cosplay Expo and CONQuest Festival in July, Cosplay Mania in September, and finally, to Cosplay Matsuri in December.

The year was very lively and looking back we decided to create a look-back gallery, with some of the most iconic looks that you may have missed, as well as our favorite and memorable cosplays that deserve the spotlight.

Cosplay Carnival (April 30-May 1, 2022)

Cosplay Carnival, or CosCarni for short, was the event that started it all for us and for everyone. And yes, this gallery features Kirby as the star!

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If you didn’t see it before, you can also check out the Cosplay Carnival 2022 Photo Gallery to see more photos at the convention. Moving on, our next event in the Philippines after CosCarni was the Anime and Cosplay Expo! Read more on the next page.

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