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Cool Cosplays We Saw at the Philippines' 2022 Anime Convention Scene

Cosplay Matsuri (December 28-30, 2022)

As the year-end festival of the Philippines, Cosplay Matsuri 2022 was indeed packed with cosplayers who brought their A-game. Some of my notable favorites that I, unfortunately, wasn’t able to get a photo of, were Anya in an Akatsuki robe and Patrick Star in fishnet stockings. I would have loved for them to be included here, but alas, they were a crowd favorite and by the time I turned around, they were already gone. I can only imagine that they faded away with their music (the ominous Akatsuki theme/Rock Goofy Goober).

With this in mind, I’ve come to realize that the most fun cosplays are always the ones you can interact with and talk about with fellow con-goers! For example, a highlight of Cosplay Matsuri was this guy who carried around a meme board of Tom (from Tom and Jerry) with the caption, “Si idol pala to. ([Oh hey,] it’s my idol.)” The internet-famous meme is so silly and this cosplay not only made my day, but it made also gave everyone else a good laugh. (Yes, he’s the same person who attended ACX.)

And so without further ado, let’s start off with the most interesting and funny cosplays that we found at Cosplay Matsuri 2022!

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That’s A Wrap!

And there you go, folks. We hope you enjoyed our events photo gallery from the Philippines. Each convention was indeed such a memorable experience, especially with the Filipino anime and cosplay community simply having the best time enjoying each of their favorites. Maybe we’ll see you around again in 2023? Feel free to tag your friends or comment about your favorite cosplays — I’m sure they’ll love the appreciation!

And well, you know what they say — if you gaze long enough into the abyss mage, the abyss mage will gaze back at you.

Ba-dumt-tss! Ha-ha! Special thanks to Jersey, Richie, Jay, Anne, Euridel, and Ian (Naixworks) who were part of our teams for their photo contributions. Belated happy new year to all!
Disclaimer: Anime Corner was an official media partner for Cosplay Carnival, ACX, CONQuest Festival, Cosplay Mania, and Cosplay Matsuri 2022.

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