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Delicious in Dungeon Episode 15 - Memeable Fruit

Delicious in Dungeon episode 15 brought us a reprieve from the heavier episodes we’ve been subjected to lately. And in their place, we’re back to our favorite weirdos eating weird food. As the Delicious in Dungeon party is still lost in what they now realize to be a shifting dungeon, they’re hungry and in dire straits. But, to their relief, they’re granted a respite by finding a place that might provide them with some much-needed food and water.

Dryads and Magic

As Chilchuck begins his reconnaissance, what he finds isn’t what he expected. Instead of that sweet, satisfying H2O, he comes across naked women! Or rather, naked men? No! Naked plants! Thankfully, Senshi is there to keep him from seeing the lewd. And that proves beneficial, as when the Dryads (naked plants) attack, Senshi covering Chilchuck’s eyes gives him some respite from the clouds of pollen the Dryads release. This allows him to think more decisively than Laios and Senshi. Because of this, Chilchuck manages to guide Senshi to victory over their attackers.

Sensing that there’s food to be had, Laios rushes to raid the corpses of the Dyrads and picks up their fruits. Which, by the time you read this, are firmly meme material. Chilchuck, trying to find something more to his tastes, picks up one of the Dryad buds as they seem like a safer meal. There are plenty of edible and delicious buds found in nature (Fuchsia buds and squash blossoms are examples of these). And with those for the first time in a few days, the Delicious in Dungeon party can enjoy a proper meal.

As the night wears on, Marcille forcibly lets Laios know he’ll take up magic. He has to because she can’t keep the group safe on her own. While Marcille and Laios have a one-sided discussion about magic, Chilchuck is getting that one talk everyone dreads from Senshi. If you thought it was uncomfortable to learn about the birds and the bees as a teenager, imagine how it feels to have it as an adult with another adult.

You’re A Wizard Laios

As Delicious in Dungeon episode 15 continues, Laios gets to do something most of us will only ever dream about — he gets to touch some elf ears. He even gets to rub down some dwarf. That’s what we’d call a fun fantasy Friday night. And to his luck, he seems to have a knack for magic. But as the party moves out to investigate the changing of the dungeon, he collapses due to mana sickness. And while it does seem to sideline Laios, mana sickness seems like it could possibly be a fun adventure if you’d crank up some Rainbows Are Free, smash some adult desserts, and just vibe.

The group, seeing Laios twitching and vulnerable like a drunk guy from Atlanta who can’t get into Waffle House, decides to just leave him there. He can fend for himself, and if the dungeon changes they can’t make it back to him. It’s an acceptable loss. After all, there’s one good Touden sibling, and their name is Falin. Chilchuck, Marcille, and Senshi explore the dungeon. While Laios is potentially getting eaten by a lurking monster, they run into a lurking monster of their own.

As the dungeon changes, a cockatrice ends up being delivered right to their feet and immediately attacks. The group manages to kill it, but it poisons Marcille. Later, when they’re reunited with Laios, she’s petrified by the beast’s venom. The team tries to cure her as soon as possible but uses the opportunity to use her as a fermentation weight. And when they finally manage to de-petrify her, the group enjoys another meal together.

Delicious in Dungeon Episode 15 Wrap Up

With all the drama we’ve gotten from this show recently, a laid-back, true-to-form episode was welcomed. However, 15 episodes in and the party is still far from Falin. They may know what they need to do to find her, but where and how do they begin? And while their first rescue attempt at the very least had them in top shape, the party is worst for wear this time around. Should they make it to the surface and recover/restart, the odds may just be in their favor.

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