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Delicious in Dungeon’s New Cookware Collaboration Covers Everything Anime Fans Need in the Kitchen

Cookware makers Muranokajiya revealed a collaboration with the Delicious in Dungeon anime, for knives, two-handed pots, crab forks, and many more items. Every item comes with a special engraving designed by Delicious in Dungeon manga creator Ryoko Kui and can be bought worldwide from their site via the WorldShopping service. Below is the full list of the character-inspired items with their approximate pricing, as well as images from the Delicious in Dungeon cookware collection:

  • Chilchuck:
    • Chopsticks: $7.25
    • Spoon and Fork Set: $13
    • Crab Fork: $7.25
  • Senshi:
    • Wooden Bowl: $16
    • Iron Frying Pan: $29
    • Iron Two-Handed Pot: $31
    • Stainless Steel Knife (17cm): $145
  • Raios:
    • Cross Folding Pot Holder: $11
    • Cutting Board: $25
    • Stainless Steel Spatula: $19
    • Wooden Plate (20cm): $16.70
  • Marcille:
    • Beech Turner: $8.70
    • Stainless Steel Ladle: $19

The metal utensils were made by Houchou Koubou Tadafusa (Knife Workshop Tadafusa), who have over 70 years of history in Sanjo, Niigata. PR Times adds that they have received multiple awards and once, fans had to wait up to two years to buy their popular bread knife “which left no crumbs.” The Delicious in Dungeon cookware set joins other collaborations with the series, including Pony Canyon Planning’s fruit wine set last month.

Trigger animates Delicious in Dungeon. The popular anime studio recently spoke about their hopes of making multiple series simultaneously. Meanwhile, Trigger founder Hiroyuki Imaishi spoke to Anime Corner and others last year about their growth and direction.

Delicious in Dungeon adapts Ryoko Kui’s manga of the same name, which concluded in September 2023 after 14 volumes. The series is directed by Yoshihiro Miyajima, with the screenplay by Kimiko Ueno. It’s currently in its second of 2 cours on Netflix, which describes it:
Dungeons, dragons… and delicious monster stew!? Adventurers foray into a cursed buried kingdom to save their friend, cooking up a storm along the way.

Source: Muranokajiya, via PR Times
©Ryoko Kui, KADOKAWA/Delicious in Dungeon PARTNERS

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