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Delico’s Nursery Anime Delayed to August

Delico’s Nursery anime has been delayed to August due to production issues. The anime was initially slated to premiere this July. Studio J.C.Staff is in charge of the animation. Hiroshi Nishikiori is directing the anime, which is a sequel to the Grand Guignol 2017 stage play from Kenichi Suemitsu’s TRUMP series.

Delico’s Nursery – Trailer

Kenichi Suemitsu will be doing the series composition and script for the Delico Nursery TV anime. Araya’s original character designs will be adapted by Yoko Ito, who is also a chief animation director.

The main cast includes Seiichi Morita, Katsuyuki Konishi, Hiro Shimono, and Takuya Sato. The voice actors are Dali Delico, Gerhard Fra, Enrique Lorcha, and Dino Classico, respectively. As announced during Anime Expo 24, the joining cast members are:

  • Rina Hidaka as Ur Delico
  • Yoshimi Ohara as Raphael Delico
  • Aya Ito as Angelico Fra
  • Yu Wakui as Lucia Lorca
  • Sanae Fuku as Elena Lorca
  • Chika Anzai as Theadore Classico
Delico’s Nursery – Key Visual

The plot is set in a world where vampires once ruled the land, but have since become mortal. A legend says that one vampire in the world still has immortality. The origins of the vampire race became known s TRUE OF VAMP – or TRUMP, but not everyone believes that immortality belongs to vampires. Dali Delico is one such case – he does his job to avoid angering his superiors. While there is a series of vampire murders going on, he dedicates himself to raising children – a new generation of vampires.

Source: Official Website
© Kenichi Suemitsu/Delico’s Nursery Production Committee

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