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Delico's Nursery Reveals New Trailer

Delico’s Nursery anime revealed a new trailer ahead of its August 7 premiere date. The anime, initially slated to premiere in July, was delayed earlier this month. J.C. Staff is animating the series. The story is a sequel to the Grand Guignol 2017 stage play from Kenichi Suemitsu’s TRUMP series. The trailer features the opening song “UNFAIR” by Mika Nakashima:

Delico’s Nursery – Trailer

Anonymouz is performing the ending theme song, titled “Prayer.” Hiroshi Nishikiori is directing the anime, while Suemitsu is doing the script and series composition. Yoko Ito is a character designer and chief animation director. The main cast includes Seiichi Morita, Katsuyuki Konishi, Hiro Shimono, and Takuya Sato. 

The plot is set in a world where vampires once ruled the land, but have since become mortal. A legend says that one vampire in the world still has immortality. The origins of the vampire race became known s TRUE OF VAMP – or TRUMP, but not everyone believes that immortality belongs to vampires. Dali Delico is one such case – he does his job to avoid angering his superiors. While there is a series of vampire murders going on, he dedicates himself to raising children – a new generation of vampires.

Source: Official Website
© Kenichi Suemitsu/Delico’s Nursery Production Committee

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