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Demon Slayer: Infinity Train Revenue Exceeds 28 Billion Yen In 52 Days

Another update, another huge number. According to the official twitter, the “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – Infinity Train Arc” anime film is almost the highest grossing film in Japan of all time. It mobilized 21,525,216 spectators and earned 28,848,875,300 yen (approximately ~$277 million USD) and is now even closer to the top. The film recently became the 2nd highest-earning film of all time in Japan (after it surpassed Titanic). Now it’s behind only Spirited Away (~30.8 Billion Yen). What’s even more amazing is that it only released on October 16 of this year, yet the Demon Slayer revenue is already that high after 52 days. Here’s another reminder of the latest visual for the movie:

They also announced new “freebies” to be given to the fans in theaters. They released the first on November 14. It was a cool illustration given to a limited number of visitors, and there was a new one from November 28th. The next one will start after 2 weeks, and there will be 1 more after that. Those probably boost the sales somewhat! Its numbers are high even on the worldwide gross list despite not airing in most of the world. Here’s the link to the last trailer to watch as we wait for the 2021 international release. (Care for potential spoilers even though it’s an official trailer.)

The Demon Slayer revenue is still going strong after 52 days, so will probably have more record news soon!

Source: Official Twitter

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