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Demon Slayer The First Manga In Oricon’s History With 3 Volumes Selling Over 5 Million Copies

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It seems that we should accept that Demon Slayer will be setting all the records from now on. Oricon reported that Demon Slayer has 3 manga volumes with 5 million copies sold. This franchise does it all, it has the highest-grossing film of all time in Japan, one of its theme songs got a Song of the Year award in Japan, and to top it off, its final manga volume was advertised in numerous Japanese newspapers! The manga was doing pretty good as well. Demon Slayer manga already sold 5 million copies of the seventh and eighth volumes sold physically in Japan.

This week, however, the first volume crossed 5 million physical copies sold as well. Oricon, a Japanese website that reports news and keeps track of physical sales of manga in Japan, wrote that Demon Slayer is the first manga in its history to have had 3 volumes with over 5 million copies sold!

The estimated sales look like this:

  • First volume – 5,029,000 copies sold
  • Seventh volume – 5,009,000 copies sold
  • Eighth volume – 5,030,000 copies sold

The 23rd and final volume also featured Tanjiro and Nezuko on the cover, and you can check that out below:

demon slayer manga volume 23 cover
Demon Slayer Volume 23 Cover, Released on December 4, 2020

What’s more, the numbers you can see are physical sales only which makes the achievement that much more grand. We just can’t stop wishing for an announcement of the second season of the anime. Demon Slayer is already a huge success so we are hoping for more anime adaptations in the future!

Source: Oricon

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