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Do We Need A Monster Hunter Anime?

You may have heard or know about the game franchise called, Monster Hunter. The franchise is a global phenomenon, with several game installments and an upcoming live-action adaptation. Monster Hunter today is still an ongoing franchise and no sign of stopping. But did you know that Monster Hunter has several manga adaptations too? So, a logical question is, do we need a Monster Hunter Anime?

The franchise has been around since the golden era of handheld consoles and was a pioneer in the gaming world. With its popularity, several spin-offs have taken place, a Monster Hunter Game but for children, a live-action adaptation that is set to premiere this December. Monster Hunter became a huge phenomenon, and so this is where the manga industry comes in.

In 2008 the author of Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima, created a manga titled Monster Hunter Orage. However, the manga didn’t last for long, it only had 4 volumes through its serialization. And after Hiro Mashima’s attempt for a Monster Hunter manga, another one came and it’s Monster Hunter Flash Hunter, by Hiikami Keichi and Yamamoto Shin. Surprisingly this one lasted long enough to have 10 Volumes! With the success of the Monster Hunter Flash Hunter, a successor step in by Ryuuta Fuse, Monster Hunter Epic, as of now the manga is still currently ongoing and being serialized in CapBon! Magazine by Capcom.

Of course, a novel adaptation also took place, and it’s the Monster Hunter Episode. With 5 volumes and it also had a manga adaptation with 3 volumes! So if the franchise has already had this many successes and attempts in joining the manga community, my answer is that we do need a Monster Hunter Anime.

Monster Hunter Anime

Finally, we actually already had a Monster Hunter TV Anime, but not like the games. Monster Hunter Stories Ride On is a TV Anime based on the mobile and Nintendo 3DS game with the same title. The only downside of the anime is, it’s a target younger audience. On the other hand, David Productions, who is known for Fire Force and the JoJo series, handled the animation. So hopefully David Productions or any Anime Studios decide to make an anime about this game franchise.

Why Should Monster Hunter Get An Anime?

Why should MH get an anime? Easy, because the whole world and lore are already exciting and fun for an anime adaptation, just put good characters with their own stories, and good animation, and I’m sure it would be a great anime! We already have God Eater, Final Fantasy, and Persona getting anime adaptations. So having an MH Anime is not just an impossible dream. We already have several manga adaptations that can be adapted into anime, so why not? Who doesn’t want to see a teenager or maybe even an adult, who hunts down a Rathalos and forge armor and weapons out of it!

MH is already an amazing franchise, with good original soundtracks and lore, this really deserves an anime adaptation! Just keep the amazing soundtracks and maybe try adapting one of the several mangas, or maybe even try an original story that is set in the reallocation of the MH Games! And of course, good animation and story, and the characters! So for now let’s wait, maybe in the future hopefully we can finally get a Monster Hunter: Anime!

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