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Fruits Basket The Final Becomes 8th Highest-Rated Anime on MyAnimeList

Fruits Basket: The Final has received a lot of buzz this anime season. The third season marks the end of the popular shoujo series, with only two episodes left to air, as of the moment of the writing. It’s been an emotional, drama-packed final season so far, with many long-standing mysteries resolved. Episode 11 aired on June 14, and we got yet another climactic episode. Shortly after the episode aired, Fruits Basket: The Final shot up to number 8 on MyAnimeList’s (MAL) anime ranking list.

In doing so, it bumped popular action-comedy shounen series, Gintama: Enchousen, down to 9th place. However, Gintama Season 2 is still ahead of Fruits Basket: The Final, taking 7th place on the list. Nevertheless, it’s impressive that the shoujo series has joined the ranks of renowned shounen series such as Hunter x Hunter (5th place) and Attack on Titan (2nd place). Whether it will remain there is yet to be seen, as these rankings tend to fluctuate (case in point: Attack on Titan Final Season).

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But this is not the only time Fruits Basket: The Final achieved a high ranking on MyAnimeList. MAL also reported recently that it was the highest-rated shoujo anime on the site. This means the series has overtaken such shoujo classics as Nana and Ouran High School Host Club.

You can watch Fruits Basket: The Final on both Crunchyroll and Funimation. What are your thoughts on the series’ ranking on MyAnimeList? Is it deserved? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Source: MyAnimeList

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