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Genshin Impact Reaches 3 Billion USD in Global Earnings

The popular gacha game Genshin Impact has reached US$3 billion in global player spending since the game’s launch in September 2020, according to the data from SensorTower. The game was also ranked as the top-ranking gacha game for the first quarter of 2022.

According to the data, Genshin Impact earned its first US$1 billion 171 days after the game’s worldwide release. It crossed the US$2 billion player spending mark 195 days after the previous milestone. On average, the game has a revenue of US$1 billion every six months.

In terms of markets where the game is most played, China ranks first with US$973.3 million revenue generated to date, or 30.7% of global player spending. This is followed by Japan (23.7% of global player spending revenue) and the United States (19.7% of global player spending revenue). According to Sensor Tower, Genshin Impact generates the large majority of its revenue in Asia, accounting to close to 70% of total player spending to date.

Meanwhile, the App Store makes up the lion’s share of player spending, accounting for 65.7% of total revenue, thanks in large part due to revenue from iOS in China. One the other hand, Google Play accounts for 34.3% of total player spending. Outside of China, the share of revenue is much closer, with the App Store accounting for 50.5%, while Google Play makes up 49.5%. The game is available on iOS and Android, Windows, but also on consoles such as Xbox and Play Station 4/5.

Source: Sensor Tower

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