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Grandpa and Grandma Turn Young Again Episode 4 - Time Changes

It’s easy to take the things we do for granted. One never really appreciates the influence something has on us until that influence is gone. In Grandpa and Grandma Turn Young Again episode 4, this seems to be the point of the episode.

A Different Time

The further we advance, the more divided different generations seem to be, and there’s good reason for it. Progress isn’t linear or incremental. It can happen with wide gaps and mad dashes. What’s beyond the imagination of one generation may be a mundane commonality for their children or grandchildren. Because of this, it’s easy for newer generations to be ignorant of how challenging things were before them.

After taking a jab at Grandpa for offering to tutor her despite not having completed his education. Shiori is feeling quite guilty over her insensitive remark. After all, his lack of education is not as much a personal choice as it is the reality of life back then. Before, education wasn’t a guarantee. If one was part of an impoverished family or part of a family that needed to work the land. That usually took priority over personal gains and for Grandpa. This was no different.

Because of this, Grandpa and Grandma have no fond memories of school together. No romance in the hallways, no culture festivals, no flushing oranges down the toilet so that the bathroom overflows and classes get cut short. So, when the opportunity to enjoy themselves at a cultural festival comes calling. While hesitant at first, they eventually venture into it with nothing but joy.

Days Passed

But, as they get to the cultural festival, over-excited students spill juice on Grandma, forcing her to change into a sailor uniform, which seems to revert her mental state to a younger version of herself. Which is interesting, to say the least. Up to now, all effects on their age have been rooted in the golden apple they ate and the dreams that caused it. Certain things can be powerful memory triggers, especially tactile feelings and smells. But it’s too early to say that is what’s happening here.

And as Grandpa and Grandma Turn Young Again episode 4 continues, Grandpa’s schooling, or rather lack of it, gets brought up again. This time by a somewhat insensitive comment by Grandma, but Grandpa takes that comment like a champ.

In economics, there’s a concept called “opportunity cost.” Dumbed down, this concept basically states that for every action you do, you miss the potential reward of the action you didn’t do. The invert is also true. Grandpa doesn’t lament that he didn’t make it to the end of his studies because it’s the absence of that which led to the life he now has.

Grandpa and Grandma Turn Young Again Episode 4 Wrap-Up

As this week’s episode closes, Grandma crashes into her hourglass when she is about to flip it and in turn, ends up as her younger self. Her hair color is back to normal, her memories match her age, and she seems to be the person she was back then. And while one can speculate as to why, there’s a bigger issue here that’s glossed over.

The fact that Grandpa and Grandma can control their age is something that makes the situation they’re in all the more invaluable. Say you’re 75 and you’re one year away from canceling your subscription to life. Your body isn’t moving like it should, things hurt more often than not, and you know that it’s almost time. But, right before the end, you dream about the hourglass, turn it, and gain a few more years of life. If you’re skilled enough, in that situation, you can skirt around death for decades. So long as you’re really careful with your switches.

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