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Grandpa and Grandma Turn Young Again Episode 1 - Love Spans Ages

If you could have a redo in life, how would you use it? If one day you woke up 50 years younger with all the vitality that came at that age, how would you handle it? For that matter, how would your loved ones handle it? In Grandpa and Grandma Turn Young Again episode 1, we get answers to all these questions, as well as a glimpse into repercussions most wouldn’t even expect.

Youth Part 2: My Knees Don’t Hurt, Let’s Do the Boogaloo

Want to know a really messed-up statistic? If you’re a guy and you’re over seventy-five, one of the things most likely to kill you, is you. When you add a lifetime of regret, little hope for the future, knowing time is limited, and you realize that you failed in things you shouldn’t have — it weighs on you way more than any guy is prepared to deal with. As the story opens, our protagonists, Shouzou and Ine Saitou, are deep in conversation. Shouzou asks his wife if she could be young again, what would she want to do?

We, as viewers, can see that he laments the fact that he wasn’t able to give her the life he thinks she deserves. Due to poverty, he couldn’t even afford to take her on a honeymoon, a “failure” that seems to weigh heavy on his mind. Ine lets him know that the life she’s had is more than enough and they continue to tend to their orchard together. There, they stumble on their matrimonial apple tree.

For those unaware, planting trees at marriage is a common tradition in many parts of the world. The meaning behind it varies slightly depending on the country, but usually, it serves as a visual representation of your bond. And on their matrimonial tree is a single golden apple. Seeing as how once upon a time, a dude and some chick ate an apple and somehow damned the whole of humanity. Personally, I wouldn’t eat it, but they do.

The following morning as Gramps gets up, he again laments over the life that Ine should have had. He’s so hurt by this that he cries over it. However, that regret is the catalyst that sends him back in time. As he’s stunned by his second chance at youth, he rushes to see his wife, who has also regressed to a younger version of herself. Then and there, he realizes he’s just gotten a golden opportunity to do the things he always wanted to do alongside her. Seriously, the best life advice this writer can give is to work enough to feed yourself and have a safety net, not an ounce more. Spend your time doing everything you want while you’re young and able to do it. Only wine and whiskey get better with age; people do not.

Back to the Future, But in Reverse

So, say you’re suddenly 50 years younger and everyone rolls with it. In fact, to your luck, no shady no-name agency shows up to cut you open like a science class frog to find out what caused that change. In that situation, what do you do? Do you: A) Swoon all your old friends with your new Spring 2024 look; B) Be wary of your granddaughter, who now sees you as a 10/10 hottie, or; C) Pretend your body is still 70 and dominate other senior citizens at sporting events.

You assert dominance and do all. And as Grandpa and Grandma Turn Young Again episode 1 continues, we see that better than going back in time to relive your life, staying your mental age and having your body revert to a younger you is the best way to get another go at things. You have all the relevant experiences, you have the time and the money to do what you always wanted, and you already know how to navigate life. Shouzou and Ine seem to get this, as they take life by the day in the most adorably possible way.

The one thing that’s a bit jarring is the lack of response to their age change. You would think people would make more of a fuss over those regenerative properties. But some jellyfish do it all the time, and no one throws them a celebration. So maybe it’s not that big of a deal. Regardless of the lack of overall reactions, Grandpa and Grandma Turn Young Again episode 1 does give viewers some pretty touching moments.

Grandpa & Grandma Turn Young Again Episode 1 Wrap-up

Seeing as how the show leans heavily towards a slice of life, retelling everything that happens in the show serves little purpose. While anime is one of the most hedonistic forms of escapism, having a touch of reality shoved in our faces every so often is pretty refreshing. Most people do their best to avoid talking about financial issues and how they are affected by them. Likewise, even if you’re making ends meet, you can survive in a day-to-day scenario, which leaves no time for luxuries. So, to see that addressed in such a mature way was cathartic.

Judging solely by the first episode, Grandpa and Grandma Turn Young Again will be a slow-burn (but active) romance with a heavy injection of dark jokes and laid-back slice-of-life vibes. If you’re into those things, The show is definitely for you; if not, this is a good jumping-off point.

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©Kagiri Araido, KADOKAWA/ Grandma and Grandpa Rejuvenate Production Committee

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