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"Happy Birbday!" Birthday Party with Kiara Takanashi

The lovable Phoenix Vtuber, Kiara Takanashi, celebrated her birthday last July 6th!

Hololive English’s Kiara Takanashi is the last member in her group to celebrate her birthday, so she’ll make it a big one! The 3-hour stream had a karaoke afterparty, a new song announcement – and not to mention, new birthday merch!

Let’s get the celebration started!

The Livestream starts off with call greetings from Kiara’s favorite celebrities. Fans asked people such as Faye Mata, Chantal Kreviazuk, and Sean Astin to make cameos! Not to mention, the Vtuber Momo Jelly sang HINOTORI, Kiara’s first original song.

Her next callers are the Hololive talents from Japan and Indonesia. Viewers had a fun time watching the adorable interactions the birthday girl made with the other idols. Of course, her Holomyth buddies got to greet, and even her gen-mate Calliope Mori prepared a birthday rap for her.

Around 50 minutes in, after presenting her new merch, she teases the fans with her new song: “SPARKS.”

What’s more, is that the single was produced by KIRA, an EDM Vocaloid producer. The art is done by NeonBeat, the same artist who created VShojo member Veibae.

Given these points, Kiara has truly enjoyed her party from all the lovely greetings and gifts she received. She soon ended her stream with a Karaoke for her fans as one final hurrah before the countdown to her new song.

Kikkeriki! Let’s learn about the birthday girl Kiara Takanashi

Kiara Takanashi is a VTuber under Hololive English who runs a fast-food chain called KFP. It’s important to note that Kiara is a phoenix (not a chicken). She debuted on September 12, 2020 with her gen-mates Mori Calliope, Gawr Gura, Ina’nis Ninomae, and Amelia Watson. Together they are called Holomyth, the first English generation in Hololive.

She is famous for her bubbly and amiable attitude, dubbing her as her generation’s “Collab Queen.” Back on May 30, the talent managed to hit 1 million subscribers just before her 12-hour endurance stream.

What’d you think about the newly released song from our birthday girl Kiara Takanashi? Tell us in the comments below! Once again, don’t forget to catch major VTuber updates on Anime Corner, keeping you up on everything VTuber-related.

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