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To Your Eternity Episode 12 — Love and Grief

“To Your Eternity” episode 12 is out! The monster brothers attend Rean’s 16th birthday party. Just when Gugu and Rean finally discover their feelings for each other, the enemy attacks! The episode is titled, “Awakening.” It’s a bittersweet episode, folks. 

“To Your Eternity” episode begins intensely. After receiving advice from The Beholder, Fushi hurriedly tells everyone to get out. For the first time in four years, Fushi transforms into Oniguma to hold the collapsing mansion. 

Meanwhile outside on the cliff, Gugu hangs onto the Knocker’s sticky roots. As soon as he is rescued, Gugu runs into battle with Fushi. The enemy is different than before — he can’t stretch but he has stone armor now! Gugu’s fire attack is not very effective! Fushi, who looks young again, panics because he doesn’t know what to do. Fortunately, Gugu devises a plan to crack the armor open. He burns the Knocker’s flesh from the inside! It’s such a thrilling battle! 

“To Your Eternity” episode 12 is definitely keeping us all on the edge of our seats. Although the Knocker-Oniguma crumbles, the core still escapes. Fushi-March thanks Gugu anyway for being a great help. It’s a heartwarming moment as Gugu assures that he’ll always have his brother’s back. Suddenly, Knocker-Oniguma comes out and gruesomely squeezes Fushi-March. Fortunately, Rean saves a shocked Gugu from being clawed too. Despite having a lot of questions, Rean and Gugu run to the exit as the ceiling collapses above them…

Meanwhile, Fushi comes out of the rubble alive. However, he feels agonizing pain that’s not his. We all know what it is and it is too painful to watch. Rean and Gugu are buried underground. Gugu is holding the weight of the rubble on his back to protect Rean. Despite bleeding, he assures her that they’ll pick flowers together soon. It’s a desperate situation, but their feelings have finally reached each other. Gugu bleeds as he tells Rean he loves her. With tears of happiness (and sadness), Rean kisses Gugu.  

Outside, Fushi has a pained expression. He transforms into a new vessel — Gugu. Fushi is horrified and is in denial, but the battle with the Knocker isn’t over. It’s maddening to watch Fushi as he shouts, cries, and breathes fire at the Knocker who’s caused this suffering. (Why Knocker, WHY!?)  Eventually, the core escapes again and Fushi hurries back to the mansion. Rean is unconscious but Gugu…

“To Your Eternity” Episode 12 continues on as we see Shin carrying Gugu back home to Pioran, the old man, and Rean. For the first time in a long time, we see Gugu’s handsome face. It’s the same happy dream-like experience we saw with March back in Episode 5. After remembering Fushi, he realizes that… he has died. Ghost-Gugu watches the real Fushi, Shin, Pioran, and Old Man grieving together. Gugu hugs them all.  

Well folks, the emotional train wreck still continues on as Fushi decides to leave the Beer shop. Shin will be helping the shop now so the oldies will be fine. Rean, however, appears at the shop. In a panic, the young Fushi transforms into Gugu. It’s a bittersweet reunion as Rean hugs him right away. Fushi-Gugu however, in an attempt to save her from heartbreak, tells Rean that Fushi died.

While Rean grieves on “Fushi’s” grave, Pioran and the old man tell Fushi-Gugu to leave for “shopping.” Rean tells Gugu about their promise to pick flowers later. She also returns the ring, but Fushi-Gugu tells her to keep it as a reminder of him. At this moment, Fushi slips and accidentally says Gugu’s name. Rean smiles and accepts it back. They all bid farewell…

“To Your Eternity” episode 12 comes to a close as night falls and we see Rean lying on the flower field. Rean tells her dad that she won’t get married because she’s in love with someone else. Her dad insists on meeting this man. With tears and sadness in her eyes, (and the ring on her finger) she says that he’s no longer here. Surely, he is with him. Far away, Fushi walks alone under the moonlight. 

An Episode Full of Heartache

“To Your Eternity” episode 12 is just pure pain and suffering. The events came one after another like knives to my heart. Honestly, there are so many things I want to say because I’m both mad and sad about them. Overall, I just want to lie down and cry!

I can’t say that I have favorite moments because all of them were sad. However, I really appreciate how the scenes were delivered with so much detail. I absolutely love-hate the accompaniment music. Together with the stunning animation and visuals (expressions, perspectives, etc.), the episode conveyed the bitter emotions of “To Your Eternity’s” tragic storyline. Goosebumps!

No doubt Gugu and Rean’s last moments together were cruel to watch, but honestly, it was Fushi’s denial that really hit me hard. The way he cried in pain for the loss of his big brother…it’s so sad. Lastly, I also liked the last scene on the flower field. It was simply a beautiful but very sorrowful moment for Rean as she remembers Gugu. 

My heart also aches for Pioran, the Old Man, and Shin too. My only solace is the fact that Gugu hugs them all in the end, though they will never know. Oh Gugu, you were an absolute best boy and a man among men. 

I have to assume as well that  Rean somehow knows about “Fushi”, that’s why she quickly picks up on the charade. Their farewell was so silently painful but I’m also glad to know that she finds out in the end. Additionally, I’m curious about Gugu and March’s spirits with Fushi. Are they watching over him on his journey? Plus, there’s the fact that unlike the last two rejecting their afterlife, the Nameless Boy happily accepted his “paradise” with his family…

I worry for Fushi now that he’s alone again. Hopefully, he can find the motivation to move forward in his journey not only as a human but as someone who can fight the Knockers. Their fighting capabilities leveled up so Fushi has a lot to learn if he wants to catch up.

Overall, this was a wonderful and well-crafted sad episode. If you’re like me, I already have a “I hate this show, I’ll see you next week!” sort of coping mechanism mood. (Plus an imaginary table flip.) What will happen next in this eternity? 

To Your Eternity Episode 13 Release Date

Because “To Your Eternity” episode 12  wasn’t painful enough, Episode 12.5 will be a recap of the first half of the season! “To Your Eternity” Special Episode is titled “Fushi’s Journey” and it will air on Monday, July 5 at 10:50 PM (JST). It will only be available in Japan. Regular broadcasting for the second half of the season will continue next week with the same schedule. At least they’re giving us some sort of rest from heartache.

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To Your Eternity” is an anime adaptation of the manga series written by Yoshitoki Ōima. It follows the story of a mysterious orb sent to Earth. It has no identity nor emotions, but through time it learns to take different forms. One day, it acquires the form of a boy and gains consciousness. The boy, Fushi, sets off to travel in search of new experiences, places, and people. “The journey begins.”

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