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Higehiro Episode 3: Sayu Gets Jealous

I Shaved. Then I Brought a High School Girl Home (Higehiro) episode 3 aired today. This episode displays great development between Yoshida and Sayu’s relationship and clears up important misunderstandings between the two, as well as shows us more of Mishima Yuzuha’s character. Higehiro episode 3 was so intense that it is aired with a content warning in some locations.

Higehiro episode 3 begins with an unsettling flashback dream from Sayu’s perspective. She is seen sleeping with a guy she previously stayed with but doesn’t seem happy to do so, despite telling him otherwise. The boy also calls her “Miyuki”; the reason for this remains unknown, as her name was introduced to us as Ogiwara Sayu.

She then wakes up and begins wondering why Yoshida doesn’t show attraction towards her or makes advances the way other men have done in the past.

Meanwhile, Yoshida’s co-worker at the office reveals that Yoshida turned down a business trip, which is apparently rare for him. He teases our protagonist about the possibility of having a girlfriend. Yoshida brushes it off once again, unable to reveal his secret, but Mishima seems interested in the topic. At this point, it’s obvious she has a crush on him.

After she finishes the work he reminded her about, Mishima invites Yoshida to see a movie with her by the train station. He reluctantly agrees and leaves with her.

At home, Sayu contemplates how long she will stay with Yoshida – especially because he does not expect to sleep with her in return. She believes he will no longer be able to live with her after getting a girlfriend. Sayu then receives a text from Yoshida about seeing a movie with a co-worker and begins worrying he’s on a date with a woman. Letting her anxiety build, she decides to leave the house to check on him.

After the movie, Mishima and Yoshida share their opinions on it and begin an interesting discussion about “fate”. Mishima talks about having a fateful encounter and giving her all to seize the moment, likely referencing her meeting Yoshida.

She then gives Yoshida a hug before she flirtatiously leaves, which is unknowingly seen by Sayu. Sayu’s worries about him getting a girlfriend are intensified and she immediately rushes away. Later, Yoshida arrives in an empty home and leaves in a panic to find Sayu.

Sayu is seen on a nearby bench, realizing she is jealous of whoever she saw Yoshida with. She already feels hurt that Yoshida doesn’t seem to see her as a woman, and begins to cry. Mishima coincidentally sees her, noticing she’s a young girl and asks if she’s okay. She decides to accompany Sayu until the last train arrives, and they discuss why Sayu ran away from home.

The high schooler explains that she has a secret she cannot reveal to her caretaker, so she must leave, and tells Mishima about how he is very kind and generous. The two girls then have an indirect discussion about Yoshida, talking about all his good qualities.

Mishima gives the young girl advice and convinces her to tell her caretaker everything. Yoshida then finds Sayu, shocked to see her with his co-worker. Analyzing the awkward situation, Mishima is convinced the two are somehow family and leaves, reminding Yoshida to explain everything to her later.

When Yoshida and Sayu arrive home, she walks into his room with only her undergarments on, declaring she has something to tell him. He demands her to put clothes on, but instead, she walks closer and makes several advances at him.

He rejects her once again, which leads her to break down and repeatedly asks if he really does not feel attracted to her. She feels bad that she is unable to give him anything in return for living with him, as anyone can do chores, and all the men Sayu has encountered only wanted to sleep with her.

Because Sayu is so used to being taken advantage of by men in the past, she is likely conditioned to not know her worth outside her body.

Yashiro then reassures Sayu, telling her that she is undeniably cute and has good qualities – but he does not have feelings for her, so he doesn’t want to sleep with her. This scene displays his very respectable and moral character. He tells her that he genuinely enjoys living with her, and all she needs to do is be herself.

This is likely the first time Sayu has been recognized by a man for qualities other than her appearance. The sentiment means a lot to her, and she cries, this time, tears of happiness – as the two reach a resolution and continue happily living together.

Sayu and Yashiro’s relationship had a great development this episode, and we are excited to see how they will move forward.

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All images are from Higehiro Episode 3 on Crunchyroll.

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