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Higehiro Episode 4: Feelings Are Put To The Test

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Wow, this week was wild as I Shaved. Then I Brought a High School Girl Home or Higehiro episode 4 aired today. Buckle up, because what starts simple enough goes intense in a hurry. In a flurry, we get some relationships created while others are seen to be strained. Simply enough, Higehiro episode 4 begins with a request: Sayu wants to prove herself a bit, and as such begs Yoshida for a part-time job.

This is a little show that was not needed though as Yoshida smugly agrees quickly. He knows that it’s probably not good for her well-being cooped up all day, and a bonus is that it’s a great chance for her to meet someone her age.

Work starts well enough too as, luckily enough, Sayu’s new manager is exactly that: A young, extremely laid back girl. She goes by “Asami,” but she is a handful for sure. She immediately invites herself over to Yoshida’s place under the pretense of judging Sayu’s “older brother figure.” Things go well enough however, as she quickly approves of him.

Dinner goes well and Asami continuously drops compliments on Sayu throughout. Pleased with what she sees, Asami turns to leave and asks Yoshida to escort her home but leaves Sayu behind. Once a good distance away she reveals she knows the pair is lying and asks what Sayu means to him.

Puzzled, Yoshida ponders before replying that it doesn’t matter, he’s just whatever she needs him to be. Asami seems to accept this answer and goes the rest of the way on her own but gives a warning on the way out. We can tell that this girl is much more inquisitive and observant. I hope to see more of her in the future episodes because her character is so much fun.

While this may have been eventful enough for a normal episode, there is still a major bombshell to drop. The very next day at work, Yoshida prepares to leave at the end of the day, Gotou-San asks him out for a dinner.

While out, she questions him a bit more about his personal life, and he is quite frankly fed up. After all, she rejected him, so why does she keep inviting him out and why does she want to know so much about him? He finally answers that if she doesn’t answer him then he’s done answering her.

Immediately troubled, she quickly tenses up unsure what to say. She finally blurts that she actually likes him in fact and made up her previous relationship as an excuse. Revealing she’s been jealous of watching his interactions at work, it seems like he’s in a relationship and it bothers her.

Yoshida is pleased but angry. She explains her reasons but in the end, she lied to him. Yoshida puts the ball in her court and says that if she truly feels the same way he does. Then she is going to have to be the one to ask him out.

I loved the absolute power move in the end, it’s so satisfying to see. Yoshida acknowledges his feelings in his own way as he obviously still likes Gotou-San. However, he will not let her rule his life, and he wants to make her understand what she made him feel if she means what she says. Handled in the best way I can think of, this episode is a masterpiece in writing and voice acting.

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All images are from Higehiro Episode 4 on Crunchyroll.

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