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Hololive English Opens Second Round Audition

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Hololive English has announced the opening of its Second Round Audition today, February 12.

The massively successful division of Japan’s most popular agency for virtual YouTubers opens its second audition to all English-speaking applicants in and out of Japan.

Hololive English Opens Second Round Audition

In a brief press release sent to PR Times, Hololive also noted in their pre-requisites that the application is “gender irrelevant.” In the application form prepared for the audition, applicants must be able to deliver content continuously for at least one year.

The applicants must also be able to deliver content at least 3 times a week, must have a proven track record as a content creator and must be 18 years of age or older. Being fluent in Japanese is a plus.

Hololive English Second Round Audition is open until Friday, March 26 at 11:59PM Japan Standard Time.

Prior to this, Hololive English has opened auditions for virtual singers from November 30, 2020 to January 29, 2021.

Hololive English is home to personalities Kiara Takahashi, Mori Calliope, Amelia Watson, Ninomae Ina’nis and Gawr Gura. Rapper Mori Calliope broke records on Hip-Hop/Rap album charts around the world. Gawr Gura has reached 2 million subscribers months after debut. Hololive English debuted its first generation last September 2020.

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Image from Hololive Production via PR Times

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