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Hololive Unveils New HOLOSTAR Unit Uproar, Set to Debut on March 29

VTuber agency Hololive has announced that its male VTuber unit, Holostars, will be getting a new unit called “Uproar,” set to debut on March 29, 2022 (7:00 PM, JST). To mark the announcement, a promotional video has been released. You can check it out below:

In addition, following the debut, all members of Uproar will be having their first collaboration stream together on March 31, 2022 (9:00 PM, JST).

Meet the “Uproar” Lineup from HOLOSTARS!

Yatogami Fuma

Welcome to the spirit odd jobs. We do anything!

I love sweet treats! I love games! I love to chat!

A fixer who loves human pastimes.

Is also a bit of a clean-freak. Started UPROAR!! upon receiving an odd-job request.

Minase Rio

You can see me too? This is my home. It’s so full of life.

A ghost who passed away while still determined to become an idol.

He spent his early ghost days lazing around until, upon Fuma’s invitation, he decided to aim to be an idol once again.

He can’t deal with ghosts and scary things, himself excluded.

Hizaki Gamma

Having fun is the key to winning in life!☆

The party animal manga artist who also runs an underground business.

He used to think manga was the awesomest,

but he realized that singing and dancing idols are also awesome.

He is aiming to be the most awesome.

Utsugi Uyu

Would you like me to steal you away?

The phantom thief infatuated with beauty.

Rumor has it “there are treasures only an idol can obtain”. He is becoming an idol to get his hands on these treasures.

The new male unit announcement follows Hololive’s announcement regarding opening male auditions for Hololive English. In it, they stated that applicants must be 18 years or older, they must speak fluent English and have to be able to produce quality content three times a week for at least a year. The debut announcement also follows the recently-concluded Hololive Super Expo, the largest event by the VTuber agency so far this year.

Crowds of Fans Open Hololive Super Expo 2022
Hololive Super Expo Still in Full Swing for Day Two

Source: PR Times
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