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Hololive English Opens 3rd Round of Auditions

Hot on the heels of Nijisanji EN opening their own auditions, Hololive English is seeking new talents to take up the roles of male VTubers to entertain their massive audiences. Hololive English’s requirements are similar to Nijisanji EN’s, wherein applicants must be 18 years or older, they must speak fluent English, and have to be able to produce quality content three times a week for at least a year.

In the promotional video, Hololive notes that, while they are looking to recruit new male VTubers, the performer’s actual gender does not matter. However, applicants must have prior experience in live streaming content creation, affirming that the job of VTuber is by no means easy. No deadline has been announced thus far, but prospective VTubers shouldn’t wait until the last minute.

Hololive EN Audition Promotional Video

Those who submit a successful application will be contacted by Hololive within a month for the interview process. The lucky and talented few who manage to get in will be given all the necessary equipment, such as a Live2D model, by Hololive themselves.

This is the third overall round of auditions for Hololive English. The first, Hololive Myth, introduced the beloved reaper Mori Calliope and the cute shark Gawr Gura in 2020. The second round, Hololive Council, introduced the “warden of time” Ouro Kronii, and the “guardian of civilization” Nanashi Mumei in 2021.

Hololive made waves in 2018, fully establishing the concept of idol VTubers. Holostars, its male branch, was set up in 2019 with Hanasaki Miyabi, Kanade Izuru, Arurandeisu, Rikka, Kagami Kira, and Yakushiji Suzaku as its first-generation male VTuber members. Hololive English and its sister branch in Indonesia, as well as the main Hololive Production branch based in Japan is managed by Cover Corporation.

Source: Hololive Official Twitter

Hololive English © COVER Corp.

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