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Hololive’s Shishiro Botan Reaches 1 Million Subscribers

Shishiro Botan, the adorable white lion VTuber affiliated with the Japanese VTuber talent agency Hololive, has finally reached the 1 million subscriber milestone, the agency reported on 18 October.

Both fans and fellow Hololive JP members congratulated her newest milestone on Twitter and Reddit.

Said milestone makes Shishiro Botan the first among Hololive JP’s Fifth Generation members to have reached the 1 million subscriber milestone.

As of this writing, according to Social Blade, Shishiro Botan’s total view count on her official YouTube channel has reached over 90 million views.

A Briefer on Shishiro Botan

Shishiro Botan was first introduced, alongside fellow fifth-generation members on August 6, 2020. She officially debuted on 14 August 2020, wherein she hit the 100,000 subscriber milestone during that day.

Botan’s streams are often filled with a greater preference to first-person shooter (FPS) games as well as Minecraft.

As part of her debut, Botan had also released her debut single ‘Lioness Pride’ on 15 August 2020. She had also sung as part of the hololive IDOL PROJECT, with the track ‘BLUE CLAPPER’.

Watch her debut stream below to know more about her:

Source: Official Press Release / Banner Photo from PRTimes, Hololive © Cover Corp.

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