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How Not to Summon a Demon Lord Ω Themes Get New Remixes

‘EVERYBODY! EVERYBODY!’ and ‘YOU YOU YOU’, the opening and ending theme tunes to the global hit anime ‘How Not to Summon a Demon Lord Ω’, will get a series of new remixes. New versions of both songs will be released each week for four consecutive weeks, for a total of eight new remixes. In addition, teaser videos for the first pair of remixes was also released on May 21st.

Yu Serizawa  with DJ KOO & MOTSU / EVERYBODY! EVERYBODY! (Aniclub EDIT)’

Yu Serizawa  with DJ KOO & MOTSU / YOU YOU YOU (Aniclub EDIT)’

‘How Not to Summon a Demon Lord Ω’ is an anime series based on the popular light novel series written by Yukiya Murasaki and illustrated by Takahiro Tsurusaki, published by Kodansha Ranobe Bunko. The show is currently in its second season, following the original season in 2018.

The story follows Takuma Sakamoto, who has been mysteriously summoned into the world of his favorite videogame, where he must play the role of the powerful Demon Lord Diablo. The show has been a huge hit with anime fans, depicting an enticing fantasy world of adventure, dreams and magic.

The opening and ending theme tunes to this hot show are performed by Yu Serizawa with DJ KOO & MOTSU. As a voice actor and idol, Serizawa (known by her nickname Seriko) also voices one of the lead characters, Shera, while DJ KOO is the energetic leader of the classic pop group TRF, and a household name in Japan. MOTSU, meanwhile, is a legendary rapper who performed on every opening theme tune for the hit series ‘Initial D’, along with many other anime songs.

The theme songs sung by this trio are available on multiple music services, and they have topped the charts on major streaming sites in Japan such as Rakuten Music and Mora. On the popular anime music site animelo mix, ‘EVERYBODY! EVERYBODY!’ took the No.1 spot on the daily singles chart and has become a hot topic, along with the anime series itself.

‘EVERYBODY! EVERYBODY!’ is a super-fun party anthem that has taken social media by storm, with comments such as “This will get the Demon King on the run!” and “It’s transported me to the 1990s”. Meanwhile, ‘YOU YOU YOU’ boasts anisong dance music vibes, while Serizawa gives a soul-meltingly cute vocal performance as she sings a sweet and sour love song. Music videos on YouTube for both tracks have received comments from around the world, and the positive power of both tunes is energizing fans across borders.

Remixes of each of these two massive anisong hits will be released on streaming and download services from May 21 over a period of four consecutive weeks, for a total of eight remixes. The first two songs in this series are ‘EVERYBODY! EVERYBODY! (Aniclub EDIT)’ and ‘YOU YOU YOU (Aniclub EDIT)’.



MOTSU, who wrote the music and lyrics and also handled these remixes, plays a key role in the new “anisong club” music culture (also known as “aniclub”) that is spreading around the world. He is also the organizer of Anime Rave Festival, the largest event in this genre. In addition, DJ KOO and MOTSU are also members of the OMOTENASHI BEATS project, which aims to introduce the J-pop and anisong genres to a global audience.

As an exciting combination of DJ culture and anime songs, this remix series is a uniquely MOTSU project, and conveys his strong desire to showcase the charms of anime songs to music fans around the globe.

We hope you will enjoy the music of Yu Serizawa with DJ KOO & MOTSU, which has the power to transcend national borders and give energy to the world.

Yu Serizawa comment

“Yu Serizawa with DJ KOO & MOTSU!!!! We make the strongest team ever! From recording to filming, my two avex mentors created an atmosphere of fun from beginning to end, and it made me so HAPPY! These two uplifting songs have the power to make the world spin, and us too!!!! Let’s all have fun together in 2021!”

MOTSU comment

“I am so super excited about this project. When we talked about doing a remix after the two songs were done, I thought it would be fun to make many different versions of the remix tracks all by myself. So I played with changing the major key to a minor key, cut the tempo in half, and so on super freely – and since we were the ones who were being remixed, there was no one to object, no matter how it was done. It’s a dream job, right?

“Including the two short Aniclub edits (which are club-style anime songs), there were eight tracks, and it took a very long time to finish them all. Seriko and KOO have such great voices – I was so jealous of them when I was working on it. KOO’s vocal cords are very young, especially compared to my vocal cords, which are damaged by years of drinking and smoking. I hope you will enjoy the different types of ‘pump up’ energy in each song, each of which is different from the original version.”


Release information


(Opening and ending theme for anime series ‘How Not to Summon a Demon Lord Ω’)

Artist: Yu Serizawa with DJ KOO & MOTSU
Release date: May 19, 2021
CD purchase and more: https://avex.lnk.to/seriko3_EEYYY_PKG
Download and streaming links: https://avex.lnk.to/EE_YYY_FULL


Music Videos

‘EVERYBODY! EVERYBODY!’ music video: https://youtu.be/5hxEwZWBflI

‘YOU YOU YOU’ music video: https://youtu.be/8ZBxF1fqFU8

‘YOU YOU YOU Dance Ver.’ music video: https://youtu.be/fGBAgYMJIzo

Yu Serizawa  with DJ KOO & MOTSU / EVERYBODY! EVERYBODY! (Aniclub EDIT)’

Yu Serizawa  with DJ KOO & MOTSU / YOU YOU YOU (Aniclub EDIT)’

Anime information

Anime series ‘How Not to Summon a Demon Lord Ω’

Crunchyroll: https://www.crunchyroll.com/how-not-to-summon-a-demon-lord (United States)
Official Website: https://isekaimaou-anime.com/​

Social media accounts

Yu Serizawa

Official website: https://yu-serizawa.com/
Twitter: @iRis_s_yu
Instagram: @seriko_is_no.1 
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@iris_s_yu​
i☆Ris official YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/iRisOfficialChannel


Official website: https://avex.jp/djkoo/​
Twitter: @DJKOO_official
Instagram: @dj_koo1019
TikTok: dj_koo_avex
YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK2U_K8LCwq7tNuwfhGgqZQ


Official website: https://avex.jp/motsu/​
Twitter: @Motsu_MC
Instagram: @motsumc
YouTube channel ‘Ghetto Blasta Motsu’: https://www.youtube.com/c/GhettoBlastaMotsu

Source: Press Release

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