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Idaten Deities Episode 6: Hayato Might Be An Idaten Prodigy

Episode 6 of Idaten Deities aired on Thursday leaving fans on the edge of their seats ready for the war between Idaten and demons to finally commence. Much like episode 5, the latest episode was more build-up for what is to come. And while more plans were set in motion, one thing stood out more than anything else — Hayato’s potential strength. (Spoilers ahead!)

What We Know About Hayato So Far

One could argue that six episodes aren’t enough for one character to have proper development. And, in most cases, they are right. From the very beginning, we know that Hayato is a loud-mouth brat who has no particular interest in anything other than getting stronger under Rin’s training.

Well, he’s still the same in more ways than one. His goals such as landing a hit on Rin or being able to injure Prontea in some capacity may be simple on the surface. But now Idaten Deities is starting to peel back the layers on Hayato’s character. 

At first, this is about the extent of what Hayato cares about — getting stronger. Of course, he cares about his closest friends in Ysley and Paula. But unless it has to do with training or just hanging out, Hayato isn’t interested. 

Cory, Neput, Piscalat (from right to left), Idaten Deities Episode 5
Hayato, Idaten Deities Episode 5

We got a glimpse of his strength in episode 1 when he blasted a hole through Gyudo with his bare fist in one blow. This occurred shortly after Ysley couldn’t even manage to create a scratch. So from the get-go, it’s already established that Hayato is the strongest between him, Ysley, and Paula. 

He’s also the only younger Idaten in a peaceful generation that actually cares about getting stronger and wanting to fight.

And episode 6 created a really interesting scenario regarding this.

Is Hayato Actually A Prodigy?

During episode 6, we see Hayato training with Piscalat and Neput failing to make any progress against them. Neput even praises his speed and reflexes but tells Hayato his punches don’t cause any injury. So Prontea decides to take action. 

He explains that an Idaten can reduce their weight to practically zero. Paula attempts to do this and does it without any trouble. Even Hayato can manage to get his down to 1-2 kg. But the difficult part is increasing their weight. Prontea goes on to describe how long it would take for an Idaten to be able to do such — several tons takes several hundred years, 200 kg takes 20 years, and a few dozen can happen in a few weeks.

Paula, Idaten Deities Episode 6

But the trick to this is not to just randomly put the weight on. The idea is to drastically increase their weight at the point of impact, making their punches and kicks that much stronger. Paula manages to put on the extra weight, up to 90 kg when she’s originally 35 kg, but she has trouble doing this at the point of impact. Instead, she’s making her entire body heavier which slows her movement.

Hayato, on the other hand, learns this quickly. To everyone’s surprise, Prontea even mentions to himself that Hayato might even be an Idaten prodigy. After thinking about it, Ysley points out that Hayato has actually never thrown a punch at his actual weight. So Prontea decides to start to step in and train Hayato himself — which ends up being unfortunate for Hayato.

The scene cuts to Miku watching this unfold on multiple screens and the first thing she says is, “He’s getting stronger and doesn’t even know it.” This is coming from someone who has the sharpest eye in the entire show. However, Miku reiterates to Brandy that Hayato would be the only current Idaten she could take on in a fight. So Hayato isn’t there just yet.

But he still went from losing to Piscalat and Neput to sending both of them flying all in the span of a few minutes after learning about weight distribution.

Piscalat (left) and Hayato (right), Idaten Deities Episode 6

The Most Interesting Show Of The Season

“But the way they can just lose and gain weight like this doesn’t make sense.” And they even addressed this in the latest episode. Ysley explains that Idaten can defy laws of physics like mass and air resistance. This is why Paula and Rin were able to walk by people in previous episodes without anyone noticing them.

This is just one of the many things that make Idaten Deities interesting. What you think may be ridiculous will eventually be explained why such phenomena can happen in this series.

While I could talk about the many interesting and suggestive scenes that took place during episode 6, Hayato grabbed my attention like it did everyone else around him in the episode. The one thing Idaten Deities could be said to have lacked is character development. Now, we finally get that with one of the main characters of the series.

Last week, I wrote an article about why right now is the perfect time to watch Idaten Deities. You can read that article here.

Paula (left) and Ysley (right), Idaten Deities Episode 6

Next Week

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Episode 7 of Idaten Deities will air Thursday, August 26, exclusively on Crunchyroll.

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