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Idaten Deities Episode 4: Prontea's Glorious Kamehameha Entrance

Episode 4 of Idaten Deities raises the bar of craziness that this series flawlessly delivers to us every week. And now we finally get to see Prontea, Rin’s first prodigy, in action.

Prontea Joins The Fight

It was already established that Prontea is Rin’s first-ever student that she trained. However, we never saw him, let alone understood just how powerful he actually is. But as Rin explains in previous episodes, Prontea completed his training with her. And boy, did that we ever get a glimpse of that training.

Prontea fighting Hayato, Idaten Deities Episode 4

Prontea is brought on board to train Hayato while Rin guards the seal. And in Hayato fashion, he got straight to the point. But just like his training with Rin, he couldn’t land a blow on Prontea that injures him let alone moves him. But the two, along with Paula, are interrupted by two new villains – Cory and Neput.

The two decide to immediately go after Prontea. As expected of Rin’s first student, none of it phases him. These fighting animations were intense and just as gorgeous as previous episodes. Not to mention, Prontea even busts out his own version of a Kamehameha while training Hayato in this episode.

What Is Ysley Planning?

Ysley has been a suspicious character from the very first episode. We learn that he finally had Gyudo’s body transported to a top research facility. But he is particularly fixated on how to end Gyudo’s life. He also took Nickel’s head from her fight with Rin to the same research facility as well.

Not only this, but he seems to be the one who came up with a theory on how Prontea can learn magic. We even see Prontea use this magic during episode 4 when he burns Hayato to a crisp.

The series is doing a phenomenal job of hiding Ysley’s true intentions. He obviously has no interest in helping humans. So just what is he doing all this research for?

But when trying to leave the facility, Ysley is visited by a certain someone. The blonde-hair, gorgeous military mind that we’re all growing to love for some reason — Piscalat. She uses a henchman to lure Ysley into a corner as planned. Of course, she ends up getting rid of the henchmen in the most Piscalat way possible. But we can’t show that here, so go watch the episode to see exactly what she did.

Piscalat, Idaten Deities Episode 4

Episode 5 – A Full Out Brawl

The stage is set: Ysley vs Piscalat, Cory vs Hayato and Paula, Prontea vs Neput. It’s truly the first big Idaten vs Demons showdown that we’re going to be seeing. Who will come out on top? Who will end up falling?

Prontea might seem to have things handled with Neput. But how strong is Cory that would cause Hayato and Paula to take him on? We all know Ysley isn’t a fighter, but Piscalat is. Can Ysley escape the corner he’s in?

Episode 5 is going to be insane! It will air on Thursday, August 12th, on Crunchyroll.

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Possible Anime of the Summer

I talked about how Idaten Deities could possibly be the anime of the season in this article here. What do you think? Still not there yet? Climbing up your boards? Let me know down in the comments!

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