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Iruma-Kun Season 2 Episode 18: Our Desires

Iruma-kun season 2 episode 18 is amazing in every way. In the conclusion of last weeks episode, Iruma tries to go toe-to-toe with an epic magic beast. As such Iruma summons all his willpower in an attack to protect his friends. With the help of Ali-san, we see a great conclusion to the Walter-Park arc.

The animation in this show remains absolutely top-notch, and the voice actors deliver another great performance. This season’s pacing has been a marvel, as no episode has felt too long. Now to go into details, for anyone who hasn’t watched yet consider this your cue for Spoilers Ahead!

Iruma-kun episode 18, sees the final battle of Walter-Park, as stated earlier, and wraps it up fairly quickly all things considered. After weeks of battles that have taken episodes, Iruma’s confrontation takes no more than a few minutes. This isn’t a bad thing, however as we basically have seen everything there is from the monsters.

So, the focus has to shift obviously, and this is when we get into more of a narrative. Essentially, episode 18 spends more time reflecting on the aftermath of these events. The pace slows down significantly from previous episodes so it may disappoint those that have been loving more action.

However, this is absolutely crucial for the show, as we see how this world handles these events. So the exposition-heavy second half of the episode makes up a majority of the run time. Plenty of cute moments are present for the side characters as always, but we get more details into our villains. Which also sees an old acquaintance make his reappearance in the show.

The main reason I loved this episode so much however was the rooftop scene with Iruma and Ameri. This sent the episode over the top for me. It was short in the grand scheme of the air time. However, it was absolute perfection in its execution, as we see a wholesome moment between the two.

In the early part of the season, Iruma inspires Ameri to grow, and now we see how much Ameri inspired him. He confesses that her words gave him the courage to get stronger. They reflect on how much they care and appreciate each other, and the previous one-way love train seems to get a return trip built in.

All in all, fans get an amazing conclusion to the Walter-Park saga, as we begin to turn the page. We have achieved so much so far in this show and it’s nice to wind down a bit. With only 3 episodes remaining of the season, fans can simply relax and enjoy the ride for a moment.

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All images are via the Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun 2 Episode 18 stream on Crunchyroll.

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