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It May Be Your Last Chance to Buy Marcille’s 1/7 Scale Figure

Looking for some sweet Delicious in Dungeon merch? But are Marcille’s familiars a bit too plain for your taste? Not sure you want a plushie dwarf on your bed? Don’t have friends, so buying fancy china in the shape of Dryad fruit to show off is out of the question? Well, the Good Smile Company has you covered. Back by popular demand, Marcille’s 1/7 scale figure is again up for pre-orders.

Expected to ship in 2025’s second quarter and with a pre-order period that closes on June 26, the majestic figure will put a $182 dent in your wallet. Sculpted by Cub, the detail of the figure is at a level of greatness we should all aspire to. Featuring Marcille reading a grimoire while holding her staff., the figure is adorned with Dryad fruit, a walking mushroom, carnivorous plants, and a jackalope.

One has to appreciate the irony in placing the one member of the Delicious in Dungeon party that doesn’t like monsters next to monsters. But, it’s worth remembering that pettiness makes the world go round. Well, pettiness and hot waifus. So make sure to pick up Marcille’s 1/7 scale figure, that way your world goes around a little faster.

If one could sum up Delicious in Dungeon in a single phrase it would probably be, “Think an elf would put this in her mouth? Would she spit it out, or would she swallow?” Believe it or not, that’s an important question to ask when you’re speed-running a dungeon with limited supplies, and not just with elves but with all the party. Out of necessity comes innovation, which is as true in industry as in cuisine. And as the Delicious in Dungeon party mobilizes to save one of their party members with less than adequate supplies, they realize that innovation in cuisine is the key to their survival.

Source: Good Smile Company
© Ryoko Kui, KADOKAWA/Delicious in Dungeon PARTNERS

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