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Kagurabachi Meme Gets Referenced by Singapore Government

Kagurabachi memes, which often feature a panel of the manga’s main character Chihiro Rokuhira holding a sword, have made it to the official Facebook page for a branch of the Singaporean government opted for a different meaning when it referenced the viral meme in a Facebook post dated October 27. The memes are generally made either with added text added or replaced to insert something he never said, typically exaggerating the success of the manga. It’s also typically paired with a greater than symbol (>) to suggest that the manga is better than far more established titles for shock value, interaction baiting, or otherwise sardonic humor. In this case, the post was made to encourage citizens to create less waste:

Our battle against waste will be hard-fought.
There are several ways to join the fight, like arming yourself with a reusable bag the next time you go grocery shopping!
Check here for more ways you can help combat waste! https://www.nea.gov.sg/our…/waste-management/overview
TowardsZeroWaste #SGGreenPlan #Kagurabachi
,” the post reads.

Takeru Hokazono’s Kagurabachi manga debuted in September 2023 in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Owing partially to the meme, Kagurabachi has become one of the most-read manga on the Shueisha’s MANGA Plus platform surpassing One Piece and Spy x Family. In recent weeks, the manga has begun to establish its core fanbase, receiving particular praise for its art style and fighting sequences. A review from Eric Himmelheber of Anime Corner gives the first chapter an 8/10, with the closing comments:
Kagurabachi‘s debut chapter is the best I’ve read in any new generation of manga since Sakamoto Days. So if you’re a fan of the latter, I highly recommend the brutal and action-heavy Kagurabachi. It has some humor that could pertain to Sakamoto Days but it also has that haunting allure when a fight starts we’re about to see some brutal violence happen.

VIZ Media licenses the manga for North America, and provides the synopsis:
Chihiro’s cursed past sends him down a quest of bloody vengeance!

Source: Official Facebook
© Takeru Hokazono/SHUEISHA Inc.

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