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Kemono Jihen Episode 5: Daisuke Ono Voices A Vampire

Although Daisuke Ono has lent his voice to the intro song, we had yet to meet his character in Kemono Jihen, until Episode 5. This week the show finally introduced Mihai the vampire. Fans of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure will no doubt be quick to spot the irony in this role. There is even a homage to Jotaro’s most famous line “Good Grief” (“Yare Yare Daze”) during the episode. Let’s explore the character a little. As always, beware of spoilers below.

Daisuke Ono voices a vampire in Kemono Jihen

Mihai’s Background

The first thing we find out about Mihai is that he is incredibly intelligent. He spent hundreds of years of his immortal life gathering knowledge and gaining skills in almost everything. At some point, he became tired of the world and grew bored. As a result, his friend Inugami invited him to come live with him. Upon arriving in Japan, Mihai became infatuated with MMOs and promptly became a NEET.

However, Mihai does contribute to the Kemonoist business. Inugami relies on him for all the technical aspects of the operation. Because of this reliance (and the fact that Mihai is an incredibly powerful immortal), Inugami cannot kick Mihai out. Inugami thought this would be alright if he kept the children away from him, but Mihai tries to get Kabane to be his own personal servant.

Inugami makes it clear that if Mihai gets in a bad mood, there’s no telling what might happen. However, we see that Mihai’s boredom may be far more dangerous. As soon as he is unable to play video games, he accepts a difficult job for the company and sends the children out to deal with it.

Daisuke Ono says "Yare Yare" in Kemono Jihen

Without spoiling too much, the ending of this episode shows that Mihai’s motives are entirely selfish. He essentially just wants to see how the children react to the situation, even purposefully making the mission harder just for fun. After seeing Episode 5, it’s clear Mihai will no doubt prove to be yet another great character in Kemono Jihen, and not just because he’s voiced by Daisuke Ono.

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