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Kessoku Band Confirmed for Japan Jam 2024 Music Festival

Bocchi the Rock fans rejoice as Kessoku Band has been confirmed for Japan Jam 2024! The production company for the anime announced the rock and roll quartet that took the world by storm will perform at the annual Japan Jam as part of their Sunday, May 5 lineup. The festival presented by Rockin’ On will span five days (April 28-29, May 3-5) and features artists from all over Japan, including UVERworld, The Oral Cigarettes, Tatsuya Kitani, SUPER BEAVER, Maximum the Hormone, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Creepy Nuts, and many more!

Tickets for each day can be bought individually or at discounted prices for 2-5 days after entering the lottery system that is running between February 7 and February 13. The pre-tax and fee prices of the tickets are as follows;

  • 1 Day Tickets = ¥13,000 (~87 USD)
  • 2 Day Tickets = ¥23,000 (~154 USD)
  • 3 Day Tickets = ¥32,000 (~215 USD)
  • 4 Day Tickets = ¥38,000 (~255 USD)
  • 5 Day Tickets = ¥43,000 (~288 USD)

While the vocals on all the Kessoku Band songs are performed by the character’s voice actresses, the live and recording musicians consist of Osamu Hidai on drums, Akkin and Ritsuo Mitsui on guitars, and Yūichi Takama on bass. Fans can check out a behind-the-scenes studio session below:

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past few months, you’ve heard about Kessoku Band. The CGDCT quartet was everywhere on social media and for good measure. Not only did their anime ‘Bocchi The Rock‘ top anime lists, Kessoku Band’s first album titled “Kessoku Band” debuted at #1 on Billboard Japan’s download album chart and managed to top the Hot Album Charts, Oricon Album Charts, and Digital Album Charts (the first for an all-female group) and received Gold Certification. It even reached a million monthly listeners on Spotify, a feat any artist would be proud of.

Bocchi the Rock, follows the titular Hitoti “Bocchi” Gotou, a socially awkward loner who desperately tries to make friends but fails at every turn. As she takes her guitar to school one day, she attracts the attention of Nijika Ijichi, who quickly asks her to help out as a session guitarist in her band. Seeing a chance to get the friends and life she wanted, she becomes a permanent fixture of the band, where they progress towards their goals. The first season of the show is currently on Crunchyroll.

Source: Official Anime X Account, Japan Jam Offical Website
© Aki Hamaji / Hobunsha, Aniplex

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