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Klutzy Witch Adaptation Gets Teaser Trailer Ahead of 2023 Premiere

Previously announced The Klutzy Witch (Rakudai Majo) anime adaptation revealed the first teaser trailer. Theatrical anime will screen in 2023, with Production I.G. working on the animation. The teaser trailer sets the tone for the upcoming series:

The Klutzy Witch Teaser Trailer

Story is based on a novel by Satoko Narita’s novel series, which first started publishing in Poplar Pocket Bunko imprint in 2005. The novel series features illustrations by Enaga Senno. and currently has 17 books out.

The staff for The Klutzy Witch anime was previously revealed and includes:

  • Director: Takayuki Hamana (The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed by Light)
  • Screenplay: Kiyoko Yoshimura (The God of Highschool)
  • Character designer Marumi Sugita (chief animation director on Asteroid in Love)

The official website revealed a synopsis:
This is a magical country. Wind and plants, flames and water, the power of time. A mysterious world in which witches and wizards who manipulate various elements live.
Children learn how to use magic every day. One of them is “the klutzy witch” who sometimes struggled to do things.
But, be careful, for there is a magic that gently illuminates people, but also dark magic that distorts.
This is a story of a big adventure with a little bit of first love!

Source: Official Twitter
©Satoko Narita, Enaga Senno, Poplar Publishing Co.

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