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KoMETA Virtual Live Reveals Full VTuber Roster

KoMETA Virtual Live, a registered Virtual YouTuber agency in the Philippines, revealed its full roster today. The company also revealed a visual teaser for its talents – Miria, Virgil and the previously announced Elaine.

Elaine, who is the face of the company, is a 21-year-old, 5’7″ tall VTuber hailing from the next century. She was introduced at the start of KoMETA’s auditions on June 29. The auditions lasted until July 25. According to her profile, Elaine’s virtualized personality was sent from the future to complete a mission. Now that this mission is complete, she decided to rest and be a singer.

Calm and collected medic Miria, who is the same age as Elaine and stands taller at 5’9″, believes she can look cute and still get the job done. Meanwhile, military officer Virgil who is three years younger than her peers can’t go anywhere without wearing her uniform or else she’ll be treated as a child, standing at 4’5″ tall.

Interview with KoMETA Virtual Live’s CEO Gira

Prior to the reveal, we talked to KoMETA’s CEO Gira on how it’s built and what’s in store for everyone.

Anime Corner (AC): Could you tell us briefly what led you to build KoMETA Virtual Live?

Gira: I have a lot of motivations that led to this project, but my highest priority is to lead the future of live entertainment in the Philippines. I want to produce content and talents that everyone can just simply enjoy and be proud of.

Of course, that means we need to do things right as a corporation, as creatives, and as people. To facilitate the responsibilities that come with this goal, we took every step to be certified and above board while doing our part to ensure a healthy relationship with everyone we worked with. We also do our best to deliver high-quality content!

Also, I really like VTubers.

What should we expect for each of the talents?

AC: Are you catering to family-friendly audiences, or are there any chances that you can also cater to mature audiences?

Gira: As long as they follow the platforms’ (Terms of Service), our VTubers are free to choose whether or not to engage in mature topics and themes.

AC: What would be KoMETA’s choice of platform, Facebook, YouTube or Twitch?

Gira: We wanted a platform with a good balance of target viewership, security, and the right monetization features (among other variables). After YouTube’s announced updates on their Live Streaming services, the choice for the primary platform was clear (YouTube).

However, my talents are free to engage with the audience and stream on any public platform, whenever they want.

AC: Does KoMETA’s talents have full autonomy on creativity?

Gira: While they enjoy more freedom than other corporate VTubers, certain measures are in place to ensure the security and well-being of the staff and talents, as well as the interests of KoMETA.

KoMETA’s debut and plans for the future

AC: If you will release physical or digital merchandise in the future, what would these be? (For example, albums, voice packs, printed illustrations, t-shirts etc.)

Gira: We have connections with associates that can manufacture a wide variety of products, so a lot of things are possible if there’s enough demand for a certain type of merch.

Though if we were to make the first move, collectibles such as prints and clothing are very likely.

AC: Do you plan to collaborate with companies/brands, pop culture events and/or other Virtual YouTubers?

Gira: Yes! It would be my pleasure to work with other businesses and brands. I made sure we’re a legitimate business to make it easier for everyone.

After KoMETA’s talents have fully established their identity, they’re free to collaborate with VTubers and join events. We look forward to it!

AC: What should we look forward to KoMETA’s debut?

We have an original Music Video featuring Elaine! Besides that, there’s everything.

I really want everyone to see all the months of care and attention to detail we poured into this project. I’m very grateful and proud of everyone I worked with to make this happen.

Please watch the debut streams, I’m sure at least one of our VTubers will fit your preferences really well!

Thank you to KoMETA Virtual Live CEO Gira for taking his time to answer our questions.

KoMETA Virtual Live debuts with a stream relay on their respective YouTube channels on December 7, 2021 (Tuesday). the stream relay starts with with Elaine at 7:30 PM GMT+8. Miria follows her at 8:10 PM, and Virgil at 8:50 PM.

Taking pride as the first Filipino VTuber corporation, KoMETA was certified as a registered company in the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission June 17, 2021. For more information on KoMETA Virtual Live, you can go to kometa.ph or visit their Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages.

Source: KoMETA Virtual Live on Twitter, Email Correspondence
© 2021 KoMETA Corp.

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