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Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 13 Preview Released

Preview images for episode 13 of Komi Can’t Communicate have just been released, and this episode will mark the beginning of the second season. Episode 12, which was the 1st season’s finale, ended with Tadano inviting Komi to the dance floor, as well as the small circle of friends going to a karaoke bar to hang out.

The preview suggests that we will start Komi Can’t Communicate episode 13 with the introduction of Makoto Katai. He’s a well-built student who is feared by the majority of students. As he ‘menacingly’ approaches Tadano for lunch, it appears that he is surprisingly approachable and wants to become friends with him immediately.

Later on in the episode, Komi and her friends decide to pay Omoharu Nakanaka a visit to their house to study for the upcoming final exams. Instead of studying, Nakanaka and Yamai get into a fight over who Komi likes between the two!

Komi Can’t Communicate episode 13 is directed by Akira Koremoto and written by Deko Akao. Meanwhile, Issei Kawagoe is responsible for the storyboard, and Atsushi Nakajima serves as its chief animation director.

Based on a manga by Tomohito Oda, Komi Can’t Communicate is animated by OLM Studio. Episode thirteen, or also known as episode 1 of the series’ second season will first air in Japan on April 6 (24:00 JST).

Source: Official Website
©Tomohito Oda, Shogakukan/Itan Private High School

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