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Mori Calliope Makes Label Debut With Universal Music

Popular VTuber Mori Calliope from agency Hololive makes a splash today as she signs with music label Universal Music Japan, alongside EMI Records. This mark’s Calliope’s major label debut ever since she recently released her first-ever full-blown album called UnAlive.

Through her label signing, she will be releasing an extended playlist (EP) collection called SHINIGAMI NOTE. Included in that EP is a single titled CapSule, performed alongside fellow Hololive member Hoshimachi Suisei. The track is written and produced by popular utaite producer DECO*27, with added arrangement from Naoki Itai. You can watch that music video here:

Mori Calliope’s signing to Universal Music entails the EP to be released by July 20, 2022. In addition, she will be conducting a solo concert titled New Underworld Order, which will be held at the Toyosu PIT music venue on Thursday, July 21, 2022, the day after the EP release. Fans can now pre-order the EP here.

The latest “win” for Mori Calliope follows after she just hit 2 million subscribers on her official YouTube channel, as well as doing a live stream concert as part of her birthday celebration. Mori Calliope’s extensive discography has proven to be some of the biggest milestones within the VTubing community, including her widespread listenership from Spotify, and the majority of her songs being included in the top list of most-streamed Hololive English songs.

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