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Hololive’s Mori Calliope Shows Impressive Numbers on ‘Spotify Wrapped’ For Artists

Mori Calliope, the resident ‘grim reaper’ VTuber of Hololive, is showing off an impressive lineup of statistics today. This is in regards to her discography on the popular audio streaming platform Spotify.

Mori, who has been pushing out numerous covers and original releases since debut, posted the statistics on 2 December. In the tweet, she thanked her fans, known as ‘Dead Beats’, and everyone for being part of her journey.

According to the data provided, Mori’s discography on Spotify has accumulated over 48.9 million streams. Her songs are being listened to by over 1.1 million listeners on the platform. Furthermore, her discography has clocked in a total of 2.5 million hours being listened to, spanning over 164 countries.

On another note, her songs have been repeated by around 264,280 fans. Fans share her songs for more than 76,000 times. While it has not been specified, the infographic also showed that Mori’s songs have been featured in 4 countries’ Spotify charts. In addition, two of Mori’s songs, albeit unspecified, had charted.

Mori’s achievements as a music artist/VTuber comes in perfect timing as Hololive recently announced new costume changes for their Hololive English First-Generation lineup. On Mori’s case, she revealed her new costume on a livestream on 9 December (23:00, JST). You can check out that debut stream here:

She also announced during the stream her upcoming EP release, alongside music producer Joseph Feliciano, also known as dj-Jo. The EP, titled ‘Your Mori’ is a lo-fi release which, according to Mori, will feature 8 tracks in total that are based from her previous EP of the same name. ‘Your Mori: Lo-Fi Edition’ will be available in January 2022.

An Overview of Mori Calliope’s Discography

During her official debut on 12 September last year, she performed her first-ever original rap-song titled ‘失礼しますが、RIP♡’ (Excuse My Rudeness, But Could You Please RIP?). On 20 October last year, she released her first-ever EP titled ‘DEAD BEATS’, which now includes her first original song, alongside titles of ‘Reaper or Rapper? Self introduction rap’, ‘DEAD BEATS’, and ‘Live Again’.

On 1 November 2020, she released another original song titled ‘Cursed Night’. In addition, she was also a featured artist alongside hololive 4th Gen member ‘Tsunomaki Watame’ with the song ‘Douten Hitsuji’. This was released on 29 December.

Mori starts off 2021 with another original song, ‘Off With Their Heads’ on 31 January. In addition, as part of her collaboration with the role-playing video game ‘Princess Connect! Re:Dive’, she released an original song titled ‘Ibasho (Where I Belong)’.

On 4 April, she released her second EP titled ‘Your Mori’. This featured songs such as ‘The Grim Reaper is a Live-Streamer’, ‘Red’, ‘guh’, and ‘IJIMEKKO Bully’. Another song, ‘Empress (Calliope ver.)’ is only exclusive to the CD release of the EP. She has also released on 1 October an original song titled ‘end of a life’.

Mori had also made several music collaborations this year. On 25 March, she collaborated with Rikka from Holostars for an original song called ‘spiral tones’. She is part of -Myth-’s  first original song ‘Myth or Treat’, released on Halloween this year.

More recently, Mori has collaborated with the Japanese Vtuber duo BOOGEY VOXX for two tracks: ‘Crown’ and ‘Graveyard Shift’. These tracks premiered on 29 October and 1 November respectively. In addition, Mori has also made a collaboration with Japanese pop dance music producer Taku Inoue for a new track titled ‘Yona Yona Journey’.

As of this writing, Mori has over 1.83 million subscribers on YouTube, and has recently breached 1 million followers on her Twitter account.

Source: Mori Calliope’s Twitter Account · © 2016 COVER Corp.

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