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takt op. Destiny Episode 10 – Teacher and Pupil

takt op Destiny episode 10 was by far, the most intense and emotional one yet. Our suspicions on Symphonica have been confirmed, and an epic battle between Musicarts ensues! Hands down, Lenny and Titan are the MVPs as they make this episode one hell of a show. Just a friendly reminder but there are some spoilers below! 

Just like me, Anna becomes sentimental about how Takt and Destiny have become much closer. Even Lenny and Titan tease them on their “date.” It’s all very cute but before Lenny could talk seriously to Takt, the Grand Maestro Sagan appears and orders his Musicarts to eliminate all of them. Wait, what!?

It’s Showtime!

What follows is an incredible fight scene. Additionally, the fierce music and animation really kept me on the edge of my seat. Heaven and Hell were chilling to watch, and I hate how they’re so durable in battle. For example, what kind of scary weapon is Heaven’s parasol? Heaven isn’t as flashy as Hell, but Heaven is, hands down, icy, merciless, and chilling to the bone. When Takt collapsed, I was scared for their lives. 

When Lenny took the shot for Takt, I wanted to scream! (No, please, NOO!) I know he already had plenty of death flags last week but it’s so painful to see it right there. (And you know, the episode title pretty much already said it.) Suddenly, Titan goes full out and doesn’t just attack with dual-wielding shotguns, but a whole bunch of them! Intense goosebumps right there for takt op Destiny episode 10.

Without a doubt, Lenny and Titan aren’t going down without a fight. Together with a beautiful musical score in the background, the episode transforms into an epic one – totally insane and awesome and.. well, painful. Of course, when Titan smiles for Lenny, I instantly turn into a sobbing blob. That’s the precious best girl Titan, both comforting and wrecking my fragile heart. 

 ”In that case, I’ll smile enough for both of us”

All in all, takt op. Destiny episode 10 was an awesome episode that displayed the show’s best work  – action sequence, music, and that rollercoaster ride of feels. Honestly, I’m really sad about Lenny’s death. However, I also really love how his backstory and motivation were told. He wasn’t just Asahina’s pupil, but also his friend. Just like his teacher, Lenny wanted to be the light amidst music for someone. The final scene with the goodbye and the what-if concert was a critical hit for my feels. Oh, Lenny. 

All is Set For The Finale

Personally, I’ve been enjoying this series and have been waiting for the climax to come. Other than Takt and Destiny’s developments, I feel that there is something lacking in the overall plot of the anime. A little more “oomph” or mind-blowing factor on the story-building, maybe? After takt op. Destiny episode 10, I couldn’t help but question what kind of antagonist Sagan is trying to be. We know that he is the mastermind behind all this. We all saw it coming, but then my question now is, why?

Is Sagan using the D2 attacks to keep the Symphonica in power? His smugness is really annoying me, and probably this will propel Takt and Destiny (and even Titan) to continue their fight against Symphonica. Truth and justice must prevail!  In honor of Lenny, please don’t forget to vote for takt op. Destiny in our weekly poll! You can also check the official Twitter for behind-the-scene works of takt op. Destiny episode 10’s stunning animation sequences.

While there’s no announcement yet for how many episodes this show will have, it’s no doubt that the grand finale is coming near. If you’re curious about the musical pieces in this episode, we have some parts from Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No.1 in D major, 4th movement (Titan) and Symphony No.5 in C sharp minor 4th movement (Adagietto). LAM, the original character designer, also posted another illustration for this week’s episode. Check out smiley Lenny and Titan on Twitter:

takt op. Destiny Episode 10 Release Date

Episode 11 of takt op. Destiny will air next week, on December 14, at 24:00 JST, while the subtitled version will stream an hour later on Crunchyroll and VRV. You can also watch it on Ani-one, and Amazon in select regions.


Set in New York City, in the year 2047. The world was destroyed in a war with a mysterious monster D2, which was created out of Black Night Meteorite that fell from the sky. Magical girls, “Musicarts” fight against the monster, while being led by the “Conductor”. Their goal is to bring music back to the destroyed world.

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