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Banished From Hero's Party Episode 10: Ruti Ragnason's True Self

Ruti has shown her true self in episode 10 of Banished From Hero’s Party. Her arrival in Zoltan truly shocked both Red and Rit. After the initial happy reunion, it started it look like Ruti’s decisions would make things worse from now on.

Warning: This Section Might Contain Spoilers.

Ruti appears to be benefiting from the elixir that can counteract the effects of the hero’s blessing. As a result, she can now suppress her impulses and just stay in Zoltan, where Gideon lives. Her actions plainly demonstrate that she would rather be with her brother than be the hero who saves the world, even though she’s probably the only one capable of it. Having the hero’s blessing is really a cruel thing. When people gaze at you, they become terrified, including comrades and friends.

Ruti being misunderstood by Tisse

Opening Song

In case you missed it, there are changes in the Banished From Hero’s Party opening. In episodes 1 to 8, there is a scene there where you can see Ruti alone staring at the night sky. As a light novel reader of this series, I think that cut symbolizes that “Ruti is alone in the dark”. It means that she has nothing, even friends, and her only family, Gideon also left her. Thus, Ruti is very lonely. Starting episode 9 of the anime, that particular part in the opening changed. This time, Tisse joined is also staring at the night sky behind Ruti. I believe it implies that Ruti is finally not alone and Tisse is there for her, not as a comrade, but as a friend. You can check out the changes below:

Gideon and Ruti’s Time Together

Helping one another is common for siblings. Ruti tries her best to tend Rit and Red’s shop, but the customers keep running away whenever they see her. Given the circumstances, I guess Gideon doesn’t care if Ruti keeps scaring his regulars, as long as they are together. He even asked Ruti to accompany him, so that he can tour her in Zoltan. They spend the day outside together and you can tell just by looking at them that Ruti doesn’t want that particular day to end.

Ruti and Gideon, spending their time outside

In the early episodes of Banished From Hero’s Party anime, I really thought that Ruti was a bratty child who would get in the way of Rit and Red’s future. Well, it turns out that I was wrong. It satisfying to see the two of them getting along with each other since they were apart for so long. It is also good to see Ruti showing her true emotions and facial expressions. Because of the favor bestowed upon her by their almighty deity, I know Ruti can’t live like this forever. With that in mind, if she wished to spend her time with Gideon every day like this, who would grant it?

The Real Ruti Ragnason

In the final parts of Banished From Hero’s Party episode 10, Ruti asked Rit if the two of them could bathe together. Of course, Rit didn’t decline and Tisse joined them. At first, I really thought that Ruti planned on scolding Rit for living with her brother, or maybe she wanted to show that she was angry because it appeared that Gideon was now prioritizing Rit over her, but I was wrong. This particular scene introduced a whole new Ruti Ragnason. She had a heart-to-heart talk with Rit. You can clearly see her tears, admitting that she was jealous of Rit because Rit can smile. She agonizes over the fact that Rit kept getting closer with Gideon three years ago when they were still in Loggervia. Ruti wants to be like Rit, who is free to do anything she wants and live like a normal person, despite being a princess. This is the real Ruti Ragnason.

Ruti being true to Tisse and Rit

I really commend Naomi Ozora, Ruti’s voice actor, for her performance in this episode. Her voice really helped convey Ruti’s struggles and emphasized her suffering, while still managing to make her likable.

Well, it seems that there are more struggles to come in the next episode, which will air on December 15, 2021, on Funimation. If episode 10 of Banished From Hero’s Party also reached your heart through Ruti’s story, you can vote for the anime on our weekly poll.


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