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Life-Sized Madoka Magica Soul Gem Revealed as part of Series’ 10th Year

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Have you ever thought of having a real-life Soul gem and Grief seed? Madoka Magica’s 10th Anniversary event reveals life-sized Proplica models of the Soul Gem and Grief Seed that appeared in the original TV anime!

What makes the Proplica Soul Gem and Grief Seeds real?

The promotional video also showed not only they will reflect the appearance of both Soul Gem and Grief Seeds, but they will also recreate some of the iconic functions of the two! By pressing the button on the Soul Gem, it will play different voice lines from the anime, so if you want to hear your favorite characters once again, now’s the time to get one!

However, pressing it will cost you tainting its hue over time, but don’t worry because by pressing the Grief Seed against the Soul Gem, you can make the Soul Gem light up as if it’s being purified, just like in the anime.

If you are wondering, this will be part of Tamashii Nations’ “Proplica” lineup, which are character items aimed at adult collectors! Proplica is also a word combination of “prop” and “replica.” For big fans of Madoka Magica, the Soul Gem can play 40 lines by Madoka herself, and it also has a bonus voiced line by Kyubey. The set also comes with an original illustration sheet drawn at studio Shaft!

The Proplica soul gem and grief seed set is priced at 6,050 Japanese Yen inclusive of 10% tax, and is set to be released this October.

Madoka Magica’s Synopsis

She has a loving family and best friends, laughs and cries from time to time… Madoka Kaname, an eighth grader of Mitakihara middle school, is one of those who lives such a life. One day, she had a very magical encounter. She doesn’t know if it happened by chance or by fate yet. This is a fateful encounter that can change her destiny – This is a beginning of the new story of the magical witch girls. (Synopsis from Crunchyroll)

To know more about Madoka Magica, you can visit their official website here and their official Twitter here!

Source: Comic Natalie News / Premium Bandai
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