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Madoka Magica Anime Film Sequel Revealed

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As Madoka Magica celebrates its 10th year anniversary this 2021, the well-loved franchise announced an anime sequel to its 2013 Rebellion film. This announcement is made last April 25 at the Chofu City Green Hall in Tokyo where main cast members Aoi Yuuki (Madoka Kaname), Chiwa Saito (Akemi Homura) and Emiri Kato (Kyubey) are present. The new film, Madoka Magica: Walpurgis no Kaiten, is accompanied by this tagline: “Now, let’s continue the story.”

Anime, movie cast returns for film sequel

The cast of the original Madoka Magica anime and films return to produce this next project:


Magica Quartet – original creators
Akiyuki Shinbo – chief director
Gen Urobuchi – scriptwriter
Ume Aoki – original character designer
Junichirou Taniguchi – animation character designer
Yuki Kajiura – composer
Gekidan Inu Curry – alternate space designer
SHAFT – animation sutdio


Madoka Kaname: Aoi Yuuki
Akemi Homura: Chiwa Saito
Mami Tomoe: Kaori Mizuhashi
Sayaka Miki: Eri Kitamura
Kyouko Sakura: Ai Nonaka
Nagisa Momoe: Kana Asumi
Kyubey: Emiri Kato

Anime film sequel key visual, posted on Twitter
Anime film sequel key visual, posted on Twitter

Magia Record “scene0” revealed; franchise soundtrack to be released on Spotify, Apple Music

Alongside the major sequel movie announcement, Madoka Magica’s 10th anniversary event also reveals that its smartphone game Magia Record will have a “scene0” original story. Nitro+ has a hand in the story’s development, with Shimokura Vio writing it for the smartphone game.

In addition, the Madoka Magica Music Collection and Ultimate Best soundtracks will be available on Spotify and Apple Music worldwide this Monday, April 26.

Prior to these announcements, a life-sized replica of the Soul Gem and Grief Seed is set to be released this October.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica tells the story of Madoka Kaname, who made a supernatural contract to become a magical girl, only to find out its tragic consequences. The series first appeared on Japanese TV in 2011, and has received critical acclaim from viewers for deconstructing the magical girl genre. The franchise spun off a smartphone game, Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story, which was then adapted into an anime series aired in January 2020.

It also has a large influence in the award-winning 2014 Spanish film “Magical Girl” directed by Carlos Vermut. Tokyo FM reported that the series has developed into a social phenomenon in Japan.

Stay tuned to Anime Corner for more anime news.

© Magica Quartet/Aniplex・WR
© Magica Quartet/Aniplex・Madoka Partners・MBS

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